Utopia    Guest Blog 06 Jun 2017

Zucchetti.Kos Brand Manager Sarah Harris shares some expert advice on creating beautiful bathrooms


Zucchetti.Kos Brand Manager, Sarah Harris, has shared with us her top tips and design secrets on how to get the best from every bathroom space…

Seek out the experts

“I always recommend speaking to an expert if considering a change to the bathroom layout. A designer can ensure that the bathroom fits with your specific desires and can provide refined suggestions to needs such as storage ideas, lighting and fixtures.”

Stylish storage

“Storage is key in the bathroom and there are simple and practical ideas which can assist day-to-day living such as built-in laundry baskets, narrow wall shelving and under basin units. Ensure to incorporate your storage in to the scheme by matching door colours and styles. These finishes will create a seamless décor throughout the room.”

Enlightening ideas

“Lighting is important as it will create the desired ambience for the room. Consider if the bathroom is mainly for practical use, perhaps for those with large families and routines, or if it’s going to be a go- to sanctuary to relax and unwind. Dimmable lighting is a popular option as it can update the feel of the room in an instant. Lighting for mirrors or bathroom dressing tables are simple updates.”

Water works

“Taps are one of the most hardworking elements in the bathroom, therefore quality is paramount and it is worth investing in a quality product. At the same time, choosing your brassware in a beautiful and bold design can become a feature in its own right.”



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