Utopia    Guest Blog 11 Sep 2017

Top tips – Abacus reveals the five key elements to consider when re-designing your bathroom 


From spa-like sanctuaries to busy, retro schemes to a cool, hotel-inspired look – there are so many options when it comes to remodelling your bathroom; so, we’ve spoken to the experts at Abacus for their top five tips on where to start…

  1. Make a wish list

Analyse how you use your current bathroom, note what works and what doesn’t, then draw up a list prioritising your needs into two columns: ‘must-have’ and ‘dream scenario’. Having a clear idea of your aims from the outset will help when planning both your layout and budget.

  1. Talk to the experts

Make the most of the space you have in your bathroom by seeking out specialist space-saving fittings, such as corner basins or compact toilets. A specialist bathroom designer will also be able to suggest structural solutions such as boxing in pipework for a sleeker finish, relocating doorways or stealing space from another room.

  1. Plan your layout in detail

The most efficient layouts are usually determined by the position of existing features like windows and doorways. For example, a bath fits better below a window, leaving full height walls for showering. Think about traffic flow, ensuring adequate space around each fitting for comfortable use. In a tight space, choose inward-opening doors or an over-bath shower.

  1. Add the wow-factor

The main wall you see upon entry is ‘focal point’ territory. Choose one wow piece, be it a freestanding bath, or striking vanity unit, and position it in this prime position. Glamorous tiles or stylish wall lights are often all it takes to luxe-up your space. Ideally less enticing features, like the WC, will be tucked behind the door, so you walk past them unnoticed.

  1. Stash it away

Storage is central to creating a relaxed atmosphere. A generous vanity unit can host deep drawers for towels, mirrored cabinets can conceal toothbrushes and make-up, and include shelves or niches in the shower. Also look for slimline cabinets that slot neatly between sanitaryware.

Abacus | abacus-bathrooms.co.uk