Utopia    Guest Blog 12 Oct 2017

Top tips from Rix on creating a cosy bathroom space to relax in this winter

A warm home is a cosy home and the bathroom should be a particularly peaceful retreat. See these tips from home heating oil supplier Rix for creating a warm and inviting bathroom space to relax in after a hard day at work.

Welcoming Warmth

To create a cosy space that is perfect for a well-deserved hot bath, choose the best bathroom radiator. A heated towel rail is a favourite among many households as it provides adequate heat, particularly among smaller bathrooms, and takes up minimal space. A heated towel rail also offers the added benefit of warming your towels while you enjoy a sumptuous soak.

Cosy Colours

The colour white is associated with cleanliness which helps to make your bathroom feel pristine and create an inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. A minimalist bathroom is great for clearing your headspace and de-stressing as it offers zero distractions. Neutral walls combined with a white bathroom suite gives you the opportunity to utilise the power of colour in the form of accessories. Pair a minimal effect bathroom with pops of colour such as grey and yellow for a modern take on the popular Scandinavian style. Alternatively, stay sultry with warm beige accessories for a cosy feel.

Tranquil Textiles

Textiles can help breathe life into a bathroom by adding personality and depth. Choose high-quality towels that match your chosen colour scheme that double up as a luxury display item for your heated towel rail. Choose a thick pile bath mat to really benefit from the warmth underfoot and revel in the last few moments of your tranquillity. A bath mat isn’t just a basic bathroom staple anymore; it provides an extra piece of comfort when stepping out of a steamy bath.

Stress-free Space

The best bathroom space is a place to de-stress and unwind. A cluttered bathroom can distract the mind whilst trying to relax, so stow away those unnecessary items! Decluttering can also help your bathroom to feel much bigger, giving the illusion of more space, which is always an inviting thought.

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