Utopia    Guest Blog 20 Sep 2017

Style Studio’s Lorna AcAleer reveals her top tips on creating a stylish Scandinavian scheme

Style Studio’s interiors expert Lorna McAleer outlines how to create a pared-down Nordic vibe…

From embracing Hygge to loving Lagom

The world of interiors has been hung up on ‘hygge’ for a while now, and where many homeowners are happily adopting this cosy approach to life, there’s now an alternative buzz word in play.

Lorna says: “The Swedish word ‘lagom’ translates as ‘not too much, not too little.’  In other words, create balance and harmony by limiting expense and extravagance.

“Achieve a pared-back look and support sustainable living with Style Studio’s Hive® blinds. Their honeycomb structure has heat-blocking and retaining qualities, to help save energy (and money). Plus, they look sleek and minimalist in cool greys, perfectly complementing minimalist Scandi décor.”

Mix Function with Style

Ordinary furniture and soft furnishings can be taken to the next level with well thought out functionality like these Intu Micro blinds by Style Studio.

“Intu Micro blinds sit within the beading of the door frame, so there’s no chance of them becoming damaged when doors are in use. A top-down, bottom-up system allows the blinds to be positioned in infinite combinations for light and privacy control. Plus, with no cords to become tangled or twisted, they’re child and pet-friendly too.”

Utilise a Neutral Scandinavian Colour Code of Grey, White & Blue

“Infuse rooms with light and create a sense of calm with minimalist Nordic neutrals.  Cool greys and white form a backdrop that’s relaxed and easy to live with. Natural wood or whitewash floorboards are a Scandi mainstay and if there’s an accent colour at all it has to be blue. In general, the rule is to keep pattern and distractions to a minimum.” 

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