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Style it right – Victoria + Albert Baths reveals its hottest interior trends for 2018

Luxury British bathing brand, Victoria + Albert Baths, has unveiled its key interior trend predictions that will be big for 2018. From spa-inspired styling to bringing the outdoors in with foliage and picture windows, striking colour combinations and textures and a move away from industrial designs towards a softer aesthetic, whatever your style preferences, Victoria + Albert Baths has this year’s hottest looks covered…

Photo Credit- Rabaut Design, Barcelona Bath

Trend: spa-style bathrooms
Spa-style bathrooms have been a big focus for the past few years and they’re here to stay – with Pinterest reporting an incredible 269% increase in saves for ‘spa bathrooms’ at the end of 2017.

This trend is being driven by an increased awareness of the importance of mind, body and soul health. Interiors have a big role to play in maintaining this balance and what better way to take care of yourself than in a relaxing spa-bathroom space?
Consider a collection of calming colour palettes, organic shapes, natural materials and plants, which all help to create a serene bathroom space.

Trend: back to nature
The benefits of plants in the home have long been espoused for their calming effect. The bathroom is one of the best places for living plants and walls as the humid conditions allow plants to thrive and make for a beautifully serene space. Or for those that truly want to reconnect with nature, an outdoor bathroom provides the perfect solution.

Trend: the end of industrial interiors?
In recent years, interiors have been dominated by industrial-style lighting, fixtures and finishes. Bathrooms are now softening as we focus on creating a meditative haven rather than a utilitarian space.

Dramatic colour palettes will still make a stand, but give them a softer touch by adding plants, accessories and warm metallics. Metro-style tiles may switch to larger format tiles that work well in both larger and more compact bathrooms.

We are starting to see softer, diffused lights being chosen. In particular, layered lighting will be key in 2018, with the use of LED accent lighting and up-lighting, giving a soft finish.

Trend: Transitional style
Transitional interiors, which takes inspiration from both modern and traditional design, looks like it is set to stay for 2018. The mixture of these design concepts, with softly contoured products are equally at home in a new build or historical property.

Trend: colour comeback
In 2017, Victoria + Albert collaborated with the global colour consultancy, Colour Hive, which explored their key colour predictions for 2018.

One of their key colour palettes, Beyond, positively responds to the very real concerns regarding the effect of technology and the fractured and chaotic state of global politics.

Rejecting thought for feeling, Beyond challenges the current digital dominance by embracing touch, sound, sight and taste. It is instinctive and sensorial; an ideal choice for the bathroom.

Beyond’s palette defies expectations by combining soft, gentle neutrals with energetic neons. Texture is also important, contrasting unrefined materials with smooth, polished surfaces.

Trend: bathrooms as ‘living spaces’
More homeowners are taking inspiration from boutique hotels and spas, and bathrooms are increasingly becoming a ‘living space’ in the home – opposing its previous ‘wash and go’ occupation.

Bathrooms are now adorned with soft fabrics, seating and luxurious vanities – making it a separate living space in which homeowners can relax.

Trend: wall art goes big
Forget bare painted walls. Large posters, works of art and large-scale photography prints are set to be the next big thing in 2018, with saves for ‘big wall art’ up 637% on Pinterest.

Photo Credit- Rabaut Design, Barcelona Bath

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