Utopia    Guest Blog 21 Nov 2017

Style expert Sinead Trainor of LochAnna Kitchens reveals her top trend predications for 2018


With Christmas steadily approaching the design world is looking forward to a whole new year of fresh and fabulous trends. We’ve spoken to style expert and Kitchen Category Manager of Lochana Kitchens, Sinead Trainor, to discover her top trend predictions for the year ahead. Here’s what she had to say…

“With beautiful, bold, bright colours and mixed textures making an emergency in the kitchen, 2018 will be all about personalisation.”

Bold and bright

The tail end of 2017 has seen the emergence of more bold colours and textures in kitchen doors and this will follow into the new year. The mix of striking solid colours and woodgrains will continue to prove popular, whilst more industrial finishes like concrete will sit alongside these to really create interest in the kitchen. Consumers are increasingly looking for more variety and being braver in their style and colour choices – we’re looking at new products for early 2018 that showcase these trends.

Handles are back

Though linear handleless kitchens have had a remarkably good run, it’s safe to say that handles are coming back. Beautiful, ornate handles against modern cupboards will give a cool, eclectic edge, while bright coppers and rose golds combined with shaker style cabinetry gives more of a traditional take.

There is also a growing trend toward matching accessories and appliances to your handles, so make sure to pick your favourite metal, as it will be making a prominent impact on your kitchen.

Colour strikes

Personalisation will be big in 2018 and colour will be a big part of this. It’s not just as simple as grey or blue or green, this colour will affect not only affect the look of your kitchen but likely impact your mood too. LochAnna Kitchens’ new colour options offer nuances and specific variations of shades that will make all the difference to personalising a kitchen.

Mixing and match

LochAnna predicts the emergence of two or more door colours and/or textures being used in designs. Eclecticism is in, so whether you can’t decide between two colours, or you feel that more than one texture defines your personality better, there’s no need to endlessly drawl over the decision – just use both!

LochAnna Kitchens advises it’s best to go with the lighter colour on the wall cabinets and the darker on the base units.

Tidy kitchen, tidy mind

There are two types of storage – the type you want guests to see and the type you don’t! Whilst arty displays of hanging pots and Pinterest-inspired pasta and grain jars will continue to be visible, hidden storage will be more important than ever for hiding older cookware that you don’t want on display, ambient food and other bits and bobs that find their way into the kitchen. Internal drawers, pull out storage systems and tall larder storage will also be making their way into kitchens.

Hard-working islands

An island or breakfast bar can work as both a storage area and a place for casual dining. But don’t forget to utilise this extra space for food preparation too; consider installing a handy appliance – the addition of a small sink or hob in your island is the perfect solution for sociable cooking.

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