kb-network    Guest Blog 07 Jun 2017

Stuart Dance, director at InHouse Inspired Room Design, on his top tips for worktops…

Stuart Dance, director at InHouse Inspired Room Design, talks to kb-network on his worktop musts and the versatility of the next125 collection…

As a rule, all eyes are drawn first and foremost to the worktop. This explains why its design is every bit as important as its function, and German design never overlooks the importance of functionality. Whether matt or high gloss, thick or flat, with rounded or square edges, in laminate, imitation wood or stone – all worktops must be robust and easy to care for, without exception.

The use of worktops as a design element opens the door to optimal creativity. An L-shaped kitchen gives the appearance of an island when matching worktops, panels and returns.

Using a matching but thinner worktop as a splash back is a great idea for multi functional spaces, helping to define individual areas whilst retaining a cohesive design. The sophistication of this look simply cannot be achieved with deeper worktop profiles.


Create a powerful statement with thin profile worktops by continuing the line with matching side panels and fronts.

With the NX 950, the worktop echoes and enhances the linear grid design. An extra deep wood block adds further visual strength, becoming the perfect partner to the ceramic concrete grey effect Systemo® worktops.

With the next125 collection, every element works together to create the perfect design.

Maximise design flexibility with the position of worktops in variable width and depths. When you combine these with additional surface texture, shape and colour, you create individual designs with that all important wow factor. A bright and zingy saffron yellow colour creates a sophisticated bar area, whilst a thin profile ceramic worktop in iron glimmer, grounds the functionality of the kitchen area.

Use worktops to unite and enhance a design concept. In the NX 650 range, the thin profile white worktop features a subtle overhang, accentuating the minimalist grip ledge fronts beneath. With wall mounted furniture, this creates the impression of an individual piece of cabinetry.

Worktops play a pivotal roll in minimalist design but the key is getting the proportions spot on and only using the very best materials. Resistant to impact, easy to clean and compatible with food, the next125 solid dyed laminate is as practical as it is stylish. Essentially, the current emphasis on worktop is not just rethinking material but how we design with the materials we have.

Create a contemporary kitchen by taking the worktop sideways. By combining unit, worktop and side panels with the same finish, you introduce a very different look, such as the Systemo® Ceramic collection from next125.

Lighter than aluminium and harder than natural stone, the fine profile Systemo® worktops from the next125 collection add exciting design options and a new texture. There are eight quartz worktops available with a 12mm thickness and 16 ceramic worktops manufactured in a 15mm profile.The next125 collection includes 18 stone décor effect worktops, 20 wood décor effect worktops, nine uni dye laminates and a further three solid dye laminate worktops.

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