Utopia    Guest Blog 10 May 2017

Sottini’s Leanne Martin, gives her top tips on how to simply spruce up your bathroom


Head of Product Category for Sottini, Leanne Martin, gives her top hints and tips on how to update your bathroom to suit the summer…


  1. Brassware update

Brassware is no longer the last piece of the puzzle in bathrooms, in fact there’s an influx in these spaces being designed around a statement piece – for example our floor standing Paglia. Updating your brassware is an easy and cost effective way to bring a new lease of life into a bathroom, whether you do just the bath and basin or go all out with a shower upgrade too, it’s a change that won’t go unnoticed.


  1. The devil is in the details

Towels are a necessity in the bathroom; however where you keep, hang or throw them can detract from what could be a stylish and sleek space. Installing towel rails can streamline a space while new towels (in your accent colour or print of choice) can encourage you to keep them nice, neat and folded properly on a dedicated rail.


  1. Hang about

There are more options for updating your walls than simply re-painting or re-tiling which can be an exhausting and costly task. Why not inject some personality and show off your personal style with a statement wall of artwork? Perhaps you could hang (or lean) an oversized mirror? This will not only spruce up your bathroom but will increase the sense of space and light. Often, what hangs on your walls ties a room together, while also being a bit daring.


  1. Behind close doors

Cluttered surfaces can make any space look worn and your bathroom is a room prone to collecting ‘stuff’, whether that’s toiletries, bath towels, bath time toys etc. Hiding your items away is always going to be the best option and slim wall hung column units can be the best, space conscious way to solve this problem. Your bathroom will feel revived, free from the shackles of your clutter and will retain a strteamlined aesthetic, despite installing a new piece of furniture.


  1. Go green

A bathroom should not be a plant-free zone. Not only do they help clear the air, but they’re an easy and low cost way to add colour, personality, and drama to a stale bathroom. Utilise your new found horticulturalist by choosing an accent colour, try a copper case or plant pot, then repeat throughout with your accessories.


“Just as new clothes give you a style boost, a fresh injection of colour or unusual accessories can help to give your bathroom a new lease of life, which will ensure it is fresh and on trend for the new season.”


Leanne Martin, Head of Product Category, Sottini


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