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Pelipal’s style experts share their big ideas on making small bathrooms beautiful


Whether in a sleek city apartment or a cute country cottage, most bathrooms are restricted on space, so we’ve asked furniture specialist Pelipal for its top tips for making the most of a small bathroom.

Avoid anything that sticks out from the walls, particularly in narrow spaces. Visual clutter is the fastest way to make a space look smaller, so ditch the wall hung towel rail and use hooks or rails on the side of cabinets.

Banish separate shelves. Creating the illusion of space means keeping walls clear, so if you want to display a few favourite items, then double up display with mirrors. Adding instant splendour, bathroom mirrors with integrated shelving add a level of top notch luxury normally associated with 5-star hotels.

Introduce a laundry ban. If you want a bathroom to appear larger, then there is absolutely no place for dirty washing. A tilting basket, cleverly hidden behind a cabinet front is an ingenious solution to the practicality of bathroom life.

Get hung up about vanity.When you want the appearance of space but lack the square inches, it’s time to say goodbye to floor cabinets. Wall hung vanity units are a failsafe way to increase that spacious feeling and with perfectly ordered internal storage, you lose nothing.

Be narrow minded with cabinet design.Make the most of the narrowed space behind the bathroom door by using a vanity cabinet that tapers in all of the right places.

Counter intuitive basin design. Less is more when it comes to washbasins. Ditch the pedestal and the counter top basins in favour of the all-in-one combo. The latest designs in reflective glass are perfect for smaller spaces, bouncing backlight back into the room, allowing you the freedom for a more adventurous colour.

Cut inches with curves.Cabinet corners are easy to bump into in a small bathroom, so cut corners out for a more ergonomic design. Taking up marginally less square inches but appearing considerably less intrusive, gently curved cabinets are the perfect addition to the more bijous space.

Let there be light.Well lit spaces always look larger and the smart redistribution of lights will increase functionality and create ambience. Pendants and spotlights typically “drop” the ceiling and make the room look even smaller, so make use of clever LED lighting integrated into cabinets and mirrored cabinets. With visual clutter decreased, the feeling of space is heightened.

Get the white balance. All white bathrooms can make a bathroom appear larger but they can be just a little bland. Throw the rule book aside by introducing a dark vanity unit to create a statement. The key to success is in using a highly reflective front and sticking to a white carcase that blends into the wall. An extra deep basin creates design detail and anchors the design.

If it sounds like luxury, it undoubtedly is.Luxury is imperative in today’s modern bathrooms and adding Bluetooth is a fast track to replicating the relaxing feel of a spa.

Pelipal products are available in the UK from InHouse Inspired Room Design.

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