kb-network    Guest Blog 16 Jun 2017

Nigel Jacobs, Euroline MD, reveals the top 4 must-dos when it comes to e-commerce

Nigel Jacobs, Euroline MD, talks exclusively to kb-network on what it takes to gain an award-winning digital presence in this market, and his top tips on achieving online excellence! 

In the digital age we now find ourselves firmly immersed in, your company’s website is often prospective businesses’ first point of contact with your brand, so investing in website design is more important than ever.

At Euroline, our website is something that we have worked diligently on with the expertise of a professional creative agency, Green Square. When developing our website, we focused on making it an intuitive, informative, and inspiring platform while harnessing the tone and identity of the brands we work with.

It was important for us to work collaboratively with Green Square and be open to new ideas to ensure our intentions for the website were communicated in the best possible way. We were able to do this because there was a mutual trust between both teams, and a shared vision for the website’s development. A professional, well thought out website design pays dividends in terms of reputation and giving a strong first impression. 

1) A picture paints a thousand words…
Visual and multimedia assets of an aspirational quality should be a key feature within your website’s design. Enticing clients or end users with digital or interactive content can really help maximise engagement and relay product or brand information quickly and efficiently. Euroline offers a project gallery page where visitors can visualise how our partners’ products work within a complete kitchen design. 

2) Information at the click of a button…
It goes without saying that functionality of a website is key to its success. It should also be accessible and easy to use, formatted in a way that users can source, and be directed to, the information they require in just a few short clicks. 

3) Digital presence…
Whilst having a digital platform is almost a prerequisite for businesses of today, it is more important that you ensure the information is accurate and regularly updated. A blog or news page can be a good indicator to visitors that you have a proactive digital presence, with the additional benefit of helping to drive SEO. 

4) Stand out from the crowd …
Your website is like any other product; it needs a USP – something unique and definitive that will stick in the minds of its users. With the help of Green Square, we created animated avatar icons of each member of the Euroline team. Personalisation of your team and brand can go a long way in helping to break down barriers in the business world, and encourage prospective clients to establish a relationship with your brand.

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