Utopia    Guest Blog 04 Jan 2018

New year, new kitchen – freshen up your kitchen with one of these beautifully bold design ideas

Its January and as much as that usually means ‘new year, new me’, why not opt for the less conventional ‘new year, new kitchen’! Take inspiration from Tiles-Direct’s bold new design ideas and add a fresh twist to your kitchen this 2018…

Concrete accents
Typically used as a building material for kitchen flooring, concrete lends a chic and contemporary feel to your modern kitchen design. However, this year, we’ll see it being incorporated in more unconventional ways that go beyond polished kitchen floors. From concrete wall coverings and custom-made sinks to decorative features, worktops and even tiles, concrete accents are a must have for any kitchen projecting an edgy and industrial aesthetic.

A natural touch
Whether you’re looking for rustic charm, industrial chic or a contemporary vibe, the use of natural materials like wood and stone are perfect for making a style statement. Timeless, durable and tactile, embedding natural materials is sure to remain a popular choice in interior design in 2018 – even if it’s done through look-a-likes. From composite sinks and granite worktops to wooden cabinets and wood-effect floor tiles, natural accents will continue to be an impressive feature in kitchen themes in the new year – so don’t miss out.

Make a feature
Another eye-catching trend that continues to make waves in the kitchen design world is the splashback feature wall. One particular concept that stands out is the use of patterned or printed tiles that replicate the look of wallpaper – with the practical element of having a wipe-down surface. However, it doesn’t have to look like wallpaper – using wood-effect, textured or printed tiles will ensure your splashback becomes a unique focal point of your kitchen design.

Deep, dark and beautiful
All-white interiors have been a mainstay of kitchens over the past few years, but, in the new year, we’ll see a shift towards dark, earthy-coloured cooking spaces. From rich plum and terracotta tones to deep pine greens and charcoal greys; teaming dark, natural shades with lighter accents – such as neutral coloured floor tiles or pale wooden accents – will create an enviable and atmospheric kitchen design, full of warmth and character.

Two-tone wonders
If moody kitchens aren’t your thing, then get on board with two-tone kitchens that can be as bright and bold as you dare. From subtle interiors that use fashionable shades of grey and blue, to vibrant designs comprised of yellows, reds and oranges, embracing the two-tone look is a sure-fire way to bring your kitchen aesthetic up to date. For a bold take on this trend, why not use block-coloured cabinets with a striking colour contrast in your floors and worktops? Or, alternatively, go two-tone with different coloured cabinets above and below the worktops for a subtler finish.

Whatever your kitchen style and personal requirements, these bold design themes should give you plenty of food for thought – helping you create an impactful and functional modern kitchen you’ll love for years to come.


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