Utopia    Guest Blog 13 Feb 2018

Embrace this year’s biggest colour trends with help from Naked Kitchens


 We’ve spoken to the design team over a Naked Kitchens, for their top tips on working 2018’s biggest colour trends into the kitchen. Here’s what they had to say…

With the announcement of Dulux’s colour of 2018: Heartwood, and Pantone releasing Ultra Violet as their chosen colour, it’s clear that purple will be heavily involved within interiors this year. One of our creative kitchen designers created this mood board [featured] based around their favourite looks and much of the inspiration comes from what we’ve been designing with clients!

The use of heart wood as a colour is something that we’re absolutely loving seeing in kitchens at the moment. The beautiful pink tones in this colour work incredibly well with the oak and the marble within this combination and create a timeless colour palette.

By using darker accent colours, it means that there is an additional depth to this design that gives a beautiful richness despite the natural feel of the collection. By using oak as the main timber choice, it means that everything feels incredibly natural, and the whitewash finish ensures that the contemporary vibe isn’t lost and that everything is in-keeping with the cooler tones of the colours.

Despite the investment in colour in kitchens recently, we will always love grey in a kitchen, and we think it looks especially timeless and beautiful in a traditional shaker kitchen design. Recently we’ve seen examples of kitchens finished in a matte grey, and we think this is a beautiful way to have an updated version of a timeless neutral in your kitchen, and this works beautifully in a more contemporary, slab door style.

Using metals within your kitchen is still set to be very big 2018. With clients opting for brighter metals as a big feature in their kitchens such as copper and brass, there is no slowing down of the metallic trend this year. We are loving the use of copper within this design, as we think it really pops next to the whitewashed oak and the colours used, due to the bright, rose undertones.

Within this design, the use of white accessories and marble helps to keep it clean and bright. Oak is generally a timber that can look quite warm and traditional, so by keeping everything else light and bright, it ensures that this design will never look dated. White within a kitchen is never going to be out of fashion, so it is always a brilliant colour to bring into a design to keep it looking fresh.

We hope you enjoyed seeing what we’re loving in kitchens at the moment, and that it gave you some inspiration for your future kitchen!

Naked Kitchens | nakedkitchens.com