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Moores and Roux Lifestyle reveal the five reasons why we should buy a British kitchen


“There is a whole host of reasons to buy British when it comes to kitchens, not least because it benefits the economy, reduces the impact of our carbon footprint, and means a shorter wait for the kitchen of your dreams,” says Ben Seymour, Sales Director of Roux Lifestyle, the company behind the Roux Kitchen, designed by world-class chef Michel Roux Jr. “Social responsibility reasons aside, Britain is blessed with many talented kitchen designers and craftsmen that can help you achieve the kitchen of you have always wanted, no matter what your budget. When designing the Roux Kitchen, it was very important for our director, Michelin star chef Michel Roux Jr., to work in partnership with a British manufacturer.”

Here are Moores and Roux Lifestyle’s top five reasons why your next kitchen should be British:

Design Relevance: Kitchens manufactured in Britain are designed in-keeping with European trends, but made relevant to British homes – think corner cupboards, clever use of smaller spaces, rustic pantries and lots of storage!

Shorter waiting times: A kitchen designed by one of the big European brands can take up to 8 weeks to arrive. When you buy a British kitchen like the Roux Kitchen, it can be ready in as little as 6 weeks, so you can finish your project and enjoy the fruits of your labour sooner.

Economics: Supporting British manufacturing, and the British industry as a whole, will always benefit the economy, and in turn will create more jobs and opportunities.

Sustainability: Your carbon footprint is lower due to shorter transport distances. British kitchen companies, such as the long-established, Moores (manufacturers of the Roux Kitchen) are committed to sending absolutely nothing to landfill.

Heritage: Moores has been manufacturing kitchens in Wetherby, West Yorkshire for 70 years. To quote Michel Roux Jr. himself: “It’s important for me to buy British, so I chose to collaborate with Moores that crafts its kitchens entirely in the UK.”

Featured: The Roux Kitchen was designed for, and with the help of, famous chef Michel Roux Jr. Made in Britain, the Roux Kitchen homes in on the functional aspects professional chefs love and expect, from integrated lighting solutions to ingenious storage and a meticulously planned layout.

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