Utopia    Guest Blog 09 May 2017

Meet the new face of luxury interiors, Rebecca Hughes, and her striking style tips


After completing her studies at KLC in Chelsea harbour, Rebecca Hughes began her career in interior design at one of London’s premier interior design companies, before launching her own company in 2012.

“Our vision is to beautifully stylise and curate the desires our clients have for their homes,” explains Rebecca. “Rather than simply trying to impose our style, we believe in the process of discovering what home means to each unique individual.”

Rebecca and her team enjoy using naturally sourced fabrics, such as linens and silks, in combination with solid natural elements such as marble and wood to create a tactile and beautiful designs. Their process often involves using detailed freehand sketches and commissioning bespoke furniture to perfectly suit each space and each homeowner’s personal style.

“This is such an exciting time for interior design,” continued Rebecca. “There are some fantastic trends coming to the forefront and people are starting to feel much braver when it comes to their own interior schemes.”

“One of the hottest trends from last year was the influence of Moroccan souks, and it promises to get even bigger in 2017. Our favourite and most versatile Moroccan item is the original fluffy Berber rug – it will add warmth and luxury to any room. Distinctive patterned tiles can also make a real statement, and are great for adding a splash of interest.”

Rebecca Hughes designs are unique, homely and incredibly stylish. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of her work…

Rebecca Hughes Interiors | rebeccahughesinteriors.com