Designer    Guest Blog 05 Feb 2018

Mastering the Midas touch – Chloë Thacker: how to thwart the design difficulties of gold kitchens

We’ve spoken exclusively to Chloë Thacker, of Hafele UK, to discuss the challenges this year’s trend for gold kitchens poses to designers, and how to remedy them. Here’s what she had to say…

“While copper has long reigned as king of the kitchen accents and accessories, gold is making a comeback and looks set to dominate kitchen design in 2018.

This versatile metallic finish plays well against a variety of colours and materials, and, when used thoughtfully, is the perfect way to add a sense of elegance and warmth to the client’s kitchen.

It’s difficult to imagine a finish or colour that gold doesn’t complement. However, its versatility can also present one of the biggest challenges for kitchen designers. With so many different options to work with, it’s not easy to know which ones to choose. The key is to have a careful conversation with your customer at the planning stages to find out how they want their completed kitchen to look, how they want to feel while they’re using it, and what exactly they will be using the space for.

All these factors will have an important impact on the design choices you make. Will they primarily be cooking there, or will it also be a space to entertain? Do they want a classic kitchen with timeless appeal, or something ultra-modern? Are they looking to be calmed by elegant cool tones or inspired by warm and vibrant hues? Although functionality is often overlooked by customers, professionals know that it is a fundamental part of good design- so it’s up to you to steer the conversation. Doing so at the planning stage will help you to create a cohesive design which is perfectly tailored to your customer’s lifestyle.

Because of its association with royalty and heraldry, gold is inherently linked in our minds with the heritage look and is traditionally used in the kitchen in the form of hardware.

The challenge is to apply the hue in new and innovative ways.  For example, if your customers want gold to feature in their kitchen but aren’t ready to commit to gold hardware, cabinetry or appliances then you could consider adding lighting with a golden effect, such as warm white LED lights, to areas of the kitchen. Nature’s own light carries golden hues and clever lighting is a great way to echo that warmth.

Gold taps, splashbacks and cabinetry all look stunning when properly maintained but it’s important for customers to be aware of the practical challenges that they can present. Metallic finishes, particularly gold ones, are not an easy, wipe clean solution and keeping them in peak condition requires dedication. If your customer is time poor, they may not be a practical or realistic option.

Again, this is a conversation that needs to be had at the planning stage. Find out how long your customer is prepared to spend on cleaning the kitchen and use this to choose the best finishes for them. If metallics aren’t practical, consider how gold tones can be incorporated in other ways.

For any great design project, communication is key. Taking the time to find out how your customer wants their kitchen to look, but also how they use it, will help inspire you to create the perfect kitchen for their lifestyle.”


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