Utopia    Guest Blog 27 Feb 2018

Kitchens International reveals its 10 top tips for solving your kitchen storage problems

Messy kitchens (though sometimes unavoidable) are a definite ‘no-no’. Ugly clutter can spoil both the aesthetic and atmosphere of your kitchen, but with so many essential pots, pans and utensils, it can be tricky to find storage that will keep the kitchen tidy, while also ensuring everything is easily accessible.

Fortunately, we’ve spoken to the experts at Kitchens International to remedy our storage worries and woes. Here are their 10 top tips…










Long and linear – long pan drawers on islands are an excellent use of space and, with clever inserts, can house anything from pans to crockery.




Conceal and reveal – we all want to achieve that ‘clean’ kitchen look with everything hidden neatly away, but don’t just stuff it in the cupboard. Opt for clever internal storage – wire racks on doors, small drawers, specially lit areas for appliances – or in-built larders and cookware centres, as these provide excellent larder storage but all very accessible.



On display – open shelving is very ‘in’, offering kitchens a living-room-like feel, while acting as a connection between cooking and living areas. In addition, artefacts, cookbooks and other beautiful objects can be put on display.



Pocket it away – the invention of pocket doors is something that always achieves a wow from clients. Sliding back into the kitchen cabinet carcass allows bulky items such as washing machines, dishwashers etc. to be hidden neatly away when both in and out of use.

Into the corner – corners or awkward places need to have especially smart storage, such as angled pull-out drawers or cupboards with racks that fold out.

Going low or high – cabinet plinths can be exchanged for drawers for flat items such as baking trays, or use the full height to the ceiling for extra storage above wall cabinets. This is particularly useful in smaller galley kitchens.


Keep everything in its place – drawer inserts provide the perfect home for every kitchen item from spice pots to foil, wine bottles or utensils. Leicht kitchens have developed a range of drawer inserts for many kitchen items (Q-Box and L-Box systems) that will revolutionise your kitchen organisation.




Hanging it up – the ‘dead’ space between worktop and wall units need no longer be dead but can be used for hanging knife racks, kitchen roll or other everyday paraphernalia.

Bin it – the wide selection of rubbish bins that can take household waste, recycling and even crush cans ensure all waste disposal is neatly hidden under the sink with cleaning equipment easily accessible round the bins.




Drink up – in larger kitchens creating a special bar area is proving a huge hit and has added an extra zone into kitchen planning. By locating wine cabinets, coffee machines and cocktail areas in one place allows the kitchen to become even more multi-functional.

Taking the time and research into what storage works for your lifestyle will ensure your kitchen is neat and tidy yet retains an air of sophistication and minimalism that will make visitors marvel at your control of domesticity.


Kitchens International | kitchensinternational.co.uk