Utopia    Guest Blog 03 Oct 2017

Kitchen pantries are today’s must have- LochAnna Kitchens explain why

A pantry is a great storage solution to hide away food cupboard items in an organised way, whilst helping you maintain a neat and clutter-free kitchen.

One of the biggest considerations when designing a new kitchen is creating space without compromising on style. Having plenty of space in the kitchen for family and friends to socialise is easily obtainable when you make the most of the built-in storage. The larder/pantry is perfect for making the best use of those impractical spaces and awkward kitchen shapes. On the outside, the larder complements the look of a coherent and integrated kitchen and on the inside, numerous shelving units and a wine-rack giving you ample storage space – ideal for all your cupboard staples! The brand-new Larder Tower from LochAnna combines both seamless and functional features with its all glass sides and matching graphite base and backboards. While it may seem you have an ordinary storage cupboard, inside you have potential to keep your food and cooking utensils of all shapes and heights with the larder’s deep Excel Plus Glass drawers that maximise on every inch of internal space.

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