Utopia    Guest Blog 06 Oct 2015

Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring: Product developer Andrew Smith shares his expert tips


Andrew Smith, new product development director at Harvey Maria, shares his expert tips on what to consider when you decide on your kitchen or bathroom floor.

One of the most common issues when considering floor design and layout is that each room is considered as an individual space. This works when it’s a bedroom or bathroom, which are separate designated areas, however when it comes to communal living areas, most homes have a more natural flow – dining room, kitchen, hallway and living room.

When designing your floor, consider it more as a unified whole and aim to create a seamless living environment rather than choosing flooring in isolation. While this doesn’t have to mean choosing the same flooring throughout, it can mean choosing a more tonal colour palette or similar style of pattern throughout.


The main design philosophy at Harvey Maria is to encourage customers to be braver and more confident with colour. There are so many benefits of having coloured floors – they can brighten the space, make a design statement, define specific zones within the house, help you achieve a desired atmosphere, and also bring out colour accents in furniture and accessories.

Our collaboration with Neisha Crosland parquet floor range has been particularly popular and is available in a wide range of colours from soft lilac to turquoise and even red. It’s also a great way as well to bring a contemporary feel to a more traditional room.


Patterned flooring is easy way to add interest to a space and can set the theme for the décor, whether you choose large geometrics, petite florals or delicate polka dots. Also don’t feel you have to confine pattern to a large space, it works equally well for smaller spaces like a bathroom – making a statement and defining the room.



Finally be as creative as possible when it comes to designing your floors, think beyond your functional spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Think differently and be bold – our luxury vinyl tiles give you hundreds of options to create bespoke combinations of your favourite patterns and colours.