kb-network    Guest Blog 07 Jun 2017

Karen Barcoo, Catalano UK marketing supervisor, reveals her top secret bathroom trends…

Karen Barcoo, Catalano UK Marketing Supervisor talks to kb-network on her top five bathroom tips and trends for 2017…


1) Colour

2017 will see the trend to move away from the safety of white in the bathroom.


More customers are choosing coloured ceramics like pastel greens, blues and greys and for those who want a really bold statement; black satin and gloss finishes are making their mark.

Colour will also be introduced through furniture in gloss, matt and textured finishes.


2) Innovations to save time cleaning

Savvy customers are aware of how innovation can make their lives easier, especially when it comes to reducing the time spent cleaning the bathroom. Cataglaze, Fenix and Newflush will give you more time to lounge in the bathroom rather than cleaning it!

The Cataglaze coating on ceramics will improve surface hygiene, assist water flow and ensure lasting, unalterable brightness. For me the immediately noticeable difference is that Cataglaze produces a perfectly smooth surface which has the added advantage of making it impenetrable and bacteria-proof.

Fenix is one of the new furniture finishes with antibacterial properties, it’s superb as the Fenix does not scratch and is really easy to clean.

The quieter flushing system Newflush™, functions without the traditional rim and has a vortex-flushing system for maximum performance and easy more effective cleaning – what’s not to love?


3) Slimline Basins

Changes to manufacturing process is allowing basins to become much thinner giving designers the opportunity to create super slim edged basins. The basins in the Catalano Green and Green Lux ranges have soft inner curves and rounded corners that are not only gorgeous to look at but also help the free flow of water making the basins easy to keep clean.


4) Storage

Storage is a key element for bathrooms, so research all your options, to make the room uncluttered and mess-free. There are options to suit all needs, whether it’s child-friendly raised wall cabinets, generous 2 drawer basin units or minimalist countertops, storage can make a design statement and be practical at the same time!’


5) Luxury

Whatever your budget try to add one luxury element to your bathroom. You really will appreciate it for years to come!


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