Utopia    Guest Blog 08 Jan 2018

Interiors experts from London’s Art Antiques & Interiors Fair reveal their favourite styles for 2018 


Antiques Expert Mark Hill said, “Eclecticism is the new minimalism – mixing and matching seemingly disparate pieces together to build a unique and individual look that defines you, making your soul sing. Quirky is cool. 1970s Italian goblets on a sideboard from the 1790s? A collection of Victorian transfer-printed and guilt plates arranged asymmetrically on a stark chalk-white wall? Why not? Who gives a damn about the Joneses?”

Scandi design

Clare Pascoe, Interior Designer, said, “Home-owners should turn their attention to less prevalent blonder woods such as ash and oak from prestigious Scandinavian designers such as Moller and Wegner. The lighter tones of these pieces juxtapose well with pastel colours and dark walls.”

Bold Colours

Clare Pascoe, Interior Designer, said, “In 2018 the trend for dark walls will continue, but the new ‘monochromatic scheme’ will exclude black and revolve around almost black blues and greens contrasted with crisp white or pastel walls to combine in a look that I refer to as ‘Scandi-noir’. Pink shades will remain on trend, but will shift towards tones of peach and apricot.”

Chinoiserie Chic! 

Toma Clark Haines, CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co, said, “More and more Asian antiques are taking places of prominence in people’s homes as the design world looks East for inspiration. As interiors become more minimal, clean-lined Asian antiques are a perfect way to add patina without creating visual cacophony. I’m seeing, for the same reason, a rise in Art Deco furniture as well as empire style chests of drawers. People want the gravitas of antiques even in modern décor.”

Green Interiors 

In 2018 people will become more environmentally aware and antiques will rise in popularity due to buyers’ desire to be more sustainably responsible.

Clare Pascoe added: “People will be turned off buying products that date quickly or are not made to last. They will want to invest in timeless, classic brands that have a history and a long future.”

Toma Clark Haines agrees, “As the green movement becomes de rigueur, repurposing and re-using remains en-vogue. Antiques are green, and as millennials catch the wave of this realization, I predict by the 2020s, antiques will become the next ‘Ikea’ – aka the go-to choice for the first homeowners decorating their space.”

Skilled Craftsmanship

Jewellery Expert, Joanna Hardy, said, “There will be an increased awareness and appreciation of rarity and craftsmanship when it comes to jewellery.  The jewellery houses or individual artisans will continue to remain in the spotlight in 2018 – for example, Castalani, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Lalique, Fouquet, Fabergé – all these exceptional master craftsmen pay so much attention to detail.”

Antiques Expert, Mark Hill, agrees: “There’s also a rise in interest in pieces that show the hand of the craftsman, from a richly coloured piece of treen, to a sparkling cut glass vase, or a wonderfully weathered piece of folk art. Our eyes have been assailed for too long with mass-produced, machine-made rubbish lacking in soul!”

All these experts will be speaking at the London Art Antiques & Interiors Fair, at ExCeL London 12th-14th January.

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