Utopia    Guest Blog 26 Jun 2017

Hub Kitchens’ Daniele Brutto discusses how to create a sophisticated social kitchen


Daniele Brutto, Co-founder of bespoke kitchen designer and manufacturer Hubs Kitchens tells his top design tips for crafting the perfect hideaway kitchen space – that is functional when you need it, but easily tucks away for evenings of elegant entertainment.

“Using a kitchen design that conceals the day-to-day running of a kitchen is becoming increasingly popular as we all opt to leave chores for later, giving us more time to socialise with their family or friends.

As well as incorporating a series of doors to create a wall, worktops which cover sinks and work spaces make organising the daily routine easier and create a calmer and less stressful environment.

If your kitchen is the central hub of the home and is used for all sorts of activities from reading the daily papers, homework with the children, Friday night parties, through to relaxing Sunday dinners with the family, a concealed kitchen is the ultimate must have chameleon kitchen for everyone to enjoy.”

Daniele Brutto, Co-founder, Hub Kitchens

For more tips from Daniele, see our exclusive interview in Utopia’s September issue, available from 1st August 2017!

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