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Hotpoint’s Jennifer Taylor explains why a dishwasher is a must-have for any kitchen

Unless you’re a big fan of marigolds, a dishwasher seems a smart buy for your kitchen; but surprisingly, only 43 percent of UK homes have one. Here, Hotpoint’s Jennifer Taylor explains why she thinks every kitchen needs a dishwasher and what to look out for when choosing your perfect model…

Improved hygiene

The combination of washing at a higher temperature, the use of dishwasher detergent, and the redundancy of sponges and tea towels, make a dishwasher the most hygienic option for washing and drying dishes. Germs multiply very easily and within eight hours, one bacterium on a damp cloth can multiply up to six million.

Jennifer commented: “If you are not planning on running the appliance every day, look for the benefit of reducing odour build-up, such as Hotpoint’s Active Oxygen technology, which reduces odours inside the dishwasher between wash cycles.”

Check the energy label

The energy label will indicate which dishwasher is the most economically suitable. Jennifer continued: “The energy label, at a glance, is the best way of assessing how much electricity and water a dishwasher is expected to use on an annual basis.

“A dishwasher energy label highlights the appliance’s energy class, drying efficiency, number of place settings, noise level, as well as the annual energy consumption and the annual water consumption.”

Reassess your space

Convinced you do not have room in your kitchen for another major domestic appliance? “A slimline dishwasher is just 450 mm wide, which is the same width as a tea towel!” explained Jennifer.

Jennifer also added: “Look for a dishwasher that offers flexible loading options, and you can adapt it to fit in your favourite casserole dish, pots and pans etc. Hotpoint dishwashers benefit from folding racks, and height adjustable baskets, which allow you to adapt the space to fit more inside.”

Upgrade your tech

Jennifer said: “It’s really disappointing if you are unlucky enough to open the dishwasher to find your dishes are still dirty. In the UK, 40 per cent of us pre-rinse our dishes to remove the toughest baked-on food, prior to loading them into the dishwasher, in an effort to ensure they emerge spotless after one cycle.

“The most stubborn stains are baked-on cheese and fat, which can be really difficult to effectively wash clean. Look for a dishwasher that offers technological innovations, which will offer incredible cleaning results without the need to pre-rinse dishes. Hotpoint 3D Zone Wash increases cleaning power by up to 40 per cent5 and completely eliminates the need to pre-wash your dishes, saving you time, costly resources and money.”

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