Utopia    Guest Blog 19 Dec 2017

Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver give their top tips on cooking for Christmas

Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver have teamed up to give you their top tips on how to tackle cooking over the Christmas season. Here’s what they had to say…

 Always double check that your roast fits in the oven! It sounds obvious, but you might be surprised, it might not actually fit. Hotpoint ovens have plenty of capacity; the Hotpoint Class 9 built-in multifunction pyrolytic oven (SI9 891 SP IX) has an incredible capacity of 73 litres, which is super-handy and will perfectly accommodate poultry right up to 9kg.

There are endless opportunities with the Hotpoint Class 9 built-in multifunction pyrolytic oven (SI9 891 SP IX) thanks to its Multiflow Heat Distribution system, which guarantees consistently even cooking results for perfectly cooked dishes for every occasion. Along with six traditional cooking functions, the oven benefits from a meat probe for perfect roasting results every time and a rotisserie, which is ideal for roasting at any time of the year.

In addition, should your oven become particularly messy, with all the extra cooking during the festive season, the pyrolytic cleaning system will take care of it with ease. Just set to clean on your chosen setting and your oven will be spick and span with you barely lifting a finger.

 Make sure you make the most out of your hob too. Multi-layer steamers are brilliant during the busy festive period as they only take up one cooking zone, so you can be really efficient. Hotpoint’s hobs provide great precision and the Hotpoint 900 mm induction hob (CIF 952 BXLD B) features five cooking zones with individual timers, boosters and indicator lights for each zone to ease pressures in the kitchen.

 Jamie knows a thing or two about cooking and serving the very best dishes this festive season. On the night before your big celebration, parboil and tray-up your vegetables, cover with tin foil and keep in batches in the fridge or a cool and dark place, until you are ready to roast. You will thank yourself for being so organised on the day.

Furthermore, for the best roast potatoes ever, Jamie suggests when you are about two-thirds of the way through roasting, squash them with a masher or fish slice to increase the surface area to maximise crispy bits.

 Jamie Oliver, Brand Ambassador, Hotpoint says: “We’ve all been there; you’ve spent ages preparing a gorgeous meal, only for the oven to go and ruin it by overcooking some stuff and leaving something else underdone. Hotpoint is taking that pain away with their Multiflow technology, which creates a perfectly even cooking temperature throughout the whole oven.”


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