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Hot or not? Häfele’s Andrew Billingham explains how a hot tap could transform your kitchen…


Hot taps are hugely popular in the kitchen market and – alongside the range cooker – have been earmarked by many designers as the must-have appliance for any kitchen. But what’s so hot about hot taps? We’ve spoken to Andrew Billingham, Sinks and Taps Product Manager for Häfele to answer exactly that; here’s what he had to say…

When designing a new kitchen, what are the appliances that spring to mind first? You might now be thinking about the cooker, the fridge, or maybe even the coffee machine. However, there is one item that arguably works the hardest, and is used so often that we take it for granted; the kitchen tap.

How often do you use your kitchen tap?

Take a moment to think about how often you use running water in your kitchen on a daily basis. Every so often to fill the kettle or wash your hands, perhaps? It might come as a surprise, but in the average home, we use running water in the kitchen around 100 times a day!

Every element of your kitchen must be durable, but for an appliance that works so hard and is used so frequently, it’s paramount that your kitchen tap can be relied on to perform flawlessly whenever it is needed, as well as complementing the overall design of your kitchen.

Working for you and your lifestyle

As with any new addition to your kitchen, it’s important to think about what you need from the kitchen tap and how it can work most efficiently around you and your lifestyle.

Touch technology

Perhaps you are a keen baker and quite often find yourself with your hands covered in dough, tentatively turning the kitchen tap so that you don’t get it dirty. The need for taps to react to the slightest touch is not one that has gone unrecognised by water fitting specialists, such as Grohe, who now provide tap systems that offer modern, timeless and elegant design, combined with EasyTouch technology. This allows homeowners to operate the tap with their wrist or forearm to avoid those unhygienic and dirty finger marks.

Say Goodbye to the kettle

If you’re less of a baker, and more of a tea-maker, think about taps that offer instant access to hot water. The stunning 3-in-1 Instant Hot Tap from Perrin & Rowe, which complements any style of kitchen, dispenses steaming hot water up to 98 degrees and sits discretely under the sink. There’s never been a better excuse to drink more tea!

Multifunctional work zone

Perhaps you’re a self-confessed foodie, always experimenting with new recipes and need your kitchen to perform as a test centre. As any foodie will know, such experimenting involves a lot of washing; whether it’s your bowls and dishes or your ingredients. Taps with pull out spray heads, such as those available from Rangemaster, are ideal here, transforming your kitchen sink into a multifunctional work zone. With a function that allows you to point the head at exactly where you require it, you’ll find that your everyday food preparation and cleaning becomes effortless.

Whatever your kitchen usage requirements there’s a tap design to suit. Don’t overlook this essential, everyday appliance.

Featured image: Grohe Minta touch-activated tap, available from Häfele Studio Partners

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