kb-network    Guest Blog 03 Jan 2018

Hoover discusses the innovative new products we can expect to see in 2018  

2017 saw the continued popularity of cordless products, they are fast becoming the preferred format for most people as they are quick and easy to use.

Speaking of cordless products Phillip Jones, Head of Marketing at Hoover SDA, said, “We’re a time-poor generation and this won’t change anytime soon. People want tasks to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible and this has led to the popularity and growth of cordless products. With some cordless vacuum cleaners able to complete a full sweep of an average-size home in less than 30 minutes, it’s no surprise they’re gaining in popularity as they have the speed, ease and convenience that we all want when doing chores. Over the past year, we’ve launched a range of products that offer this speed and ease, a couple of examples are Discovery, which runs for 35 minutes and Sprint which runs for 50 minutes. In 2018, we’re looking to add to our cordless product offering with more vacuum cleaners with impressive run times.”

Quieter products 
“It’s long been polite not to vacuum in the morning or late in the evening for fear of disturbing those that you live with. However, with the new EU rules on noise levels this is something that will be a big focus for 2018,” continues Phillip Jones. “Shoppers will be more aware of decibel ratings and the impact this will have on children and pets when in use so we’re expecting people to be on the hunt for vacuum cleaners that can be just as efficient at a lower volume. We already have a number of products that tick these boxes such as the Hurricane Evo which was the UK’s first A++ rated upright vacuum, with an energy rating of 16 kW/h. Throughout 2018 we’ll continue to innovate with these new regulations and the needs of consumers at the forefront of our design.”

Smart Home
Hoover’s Small Domestic Appliances division recently launched the UK’s first WiFi connected upright vacuum: Vision One Fi Pets, which has features than can be controlled through the Hoover Wizard app. Phillip concludes with: “2017 was a great year for us and we launched some truly ground-breaking products. We’re looking forward to the next chapter and continuing to innovate and create great products for our customers.”

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