Utopia    Guest Blog 12 Sep 2016

Freestanding bath basics: Frontline Bathroom’s journey through time and their latest products


Frontline Bathrooms invites us on a journey through time, to discover the transformation of the freestanding bath, from aristocratic roots to the modern marvels we see today.


The freestanding bath has long enjoyed a reputation as a status-symbol, its ‘silver-spoon’ origins were hardly humble and its luxury status still reigns, even today. Once enjoyed only by the aristocracy, centuries of refinement and the discovery of new materials has helped to introduce it into a wide variety of households, from grand manors to city chic apartments alike – though owning one is still considered the height of both style and luxury! Take a peek at its haughty heritage, and its transformative journey through time…


With its popularity rising, and the play on different shapes and styles, there is no limit to what designers can create – the freestanding bath has never been more exciting! No longer does traditional style necessarily have to reign; contemporary freestanding designs can also create a luxurious eye-catching centre-piece within the bathroom.


Frontline Bathroom’s latest offerings are no exception. The indulgent Knightsbridge bath combines a neo-industrial, matt aluminium-effect casing, with a traditional roll-top design, whilst the small but mighty Zenith bath, at only 1500x700mm, is sure to bring a touch of opulence to even the smallest of UK bathrooms.