Utopia    Guest Blog 26 Mar 2018

Five contemporary ways to accommodate vintage furniture into your kitchen and bathroom


The trend for vintage furniture and the old-school vintage-look is steadily growing in the interior design world, with furniture sales and auctions brimming with people looking for a beautiful, bespoke pieces that will add a chic, characterful twist to their home. But, when we think of vintage furniture, only too often do we constrain that thinking to purely dining rooms, bedrooms and living spaces – kitchens and bathrooms don’t immediately spring to mind.

Now’s the time to change that!

There are so many ways to integrate retro furniture designs and vintage pieces into your kitchen and bathroom and add an exciting twist to a contemporary scheme. We’ve teamed up with the style experts at furniture firm, Featonby’s, to give you a few top tips on how to work old-school styles into your kitchen or bathroom…

Don’t be afraid to mix and match
Modern appliances don’t necessarily need an ultra-modern kitchen alongside them. If you have an induction hob or a cutting-edge oven, pairing it with some vintage cabinets can create an interesting fusion of styles – metal against wood, new and old standing together. This is an ideal style to think about for a kitchen in a renewed space, such as a barn conversion or a renovated urban building, reflecting both future and past.

Vintage bathroom: it’s all in the details


Contemporary bathrooms can tend to be a bit austere in places, with lots of stone, glass and chrome combining to create an ultra-modern look, and leaving little space for classic flourishes. A solution to this is to look for small and quirky items like flower vases and soap dispensers to bring personality into your bathroom. Small old-school wicker chairs are also popular with interior designers, though stools can add an equally elegant and sweet feel to the space.

Consider a vintage centerpiece to your kitchen
The kitchen table is important: it’s the workhorse of the house; meals are eaten off it, debate is had over it – and over the years it will be an inerasable part of your home’s identity. Such a characterful piece needs to have history behind it, so consider investing in a well-loved vintage table to provide a storied centrepiece to your kitchen.

Keeping track of time
1940s clocks are very en-vogue at the moment. Having a retro clock on your kitchen wall, as well as offering a refreshing change to looking at your phone, is also a great focal point, so consider gearing the rest of the room towards it. You could introduce symmetrical shelves alongside the clock as well as painting the wall a different colour for a real eye-catching statement. This focal point technique works for any wall-mounted old-school item, but can also work for furniture, so consider updating your flooring alongside a new piece of vintage furniture for an eye-catching renovation.

Go Victorian for an opulent bathroom overhaul
If you have the space and the means for a full bathroom overhaul, consider taking inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian styles; think elegant white porcelain bathtubs with chrome legs, chic tables with mirrors for a ‘power room’ feel and elegant drapery around the windows. There are plenty of original features on the antique market – just keep a keen eye out on auctions online and in your area.

Featonbys | featonbys.co.uk