Designer    Guest Blog 24 Jan 2018

Fiona Barker-Scott, Brand Manager at Falmec, offers her insight into the cooker hood trends of 2018

With their finger on the pulse of the cooker hoods market, and with so much new technology, as well as new aesthetic styles emerging, Falmec know all that’s worth knowing about cooker hoods. Here we reveal the trends expected by brand manager Fiona Barker-Scott for 2018.

A peaceful kitchen
“Extractors are becoming increasingly quieter after years of many consumers finding them too noisy. Falmec offer their NRS (Noise reduction System) with QuietMark accreditation that offer amongst the very quietest extraction on the market, without compromising on performance. As the kitchen is now identified as a central hub of the home, it is likely that loud and noisy extractors will be seen as a thing of the past and barely audible systems will take precedence.”

Stainless steel
“It’s an incredibly versatile material that can work with almost every kitchen furniture style and colour, which undoubtedly is a contributing factor to its continued success in the market. The material is rarely amiss in any kitchen, professional or domestic. With consumers seeking a low maintenance material that will help keep their kitchens looking pristine, stainless steel remains a firm favourite. Almost all kitchen components feature an element of stainless steel in their design. Many appliances are manufactured entirely from stainless steel whilst others may have just a trim or hinge detail. Even the smallest details of stainless steel on a product help to create a more cohesive and coordinated look within a kitchen’s design as they will work in harmony with other appliances, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. Stainless steel remains a popular choice particularly in “lux-dustrial” kitchen designs. As more homeowners are experimenting with more aggressive types of cooking such as teppanyaki, barbecue and griddle and aspire to have their own professional style kitchen, the trend for stainless steel could see even greater heights. Even when a softer aesthetic finish is used, the base material for Falmec remains stainless steel because of its strength, reliability and longevity.”

Luxury finishes
“We are seeing a number of new, innovative uses of material in the extractor market. Falmec pay homage to their Italian heritage by using authentic Murano glass in a number of their extractor designs, offering a high-performance appliance which doubles up as a striking lighting installation. It also provides that extra dash of luxury; the perfect finishing touch for a premium kitchen. Other material innovations include extractors whereby the front panel can be replaced with any material or colour of the consumer’s choice. This is a great solution for using material in a creative way; to match existing décor or correspond with worktops, splashbacks or other appliances.”

The pièce de résistance
“With open plan living becoming increasingly popular in today’s home, many consumers are steering clear of chimney detail extractors to prevent obstructions within the open space and to keep the eye line clear. As a result, there has been a significant rise in alternative designs such as ceiling mounted, worktop mounted and wire hung designs. Big is beautiful and bold, dramatic designs that incorporate ambient lighting and use stainless steel, aluminium and glass have transformed the noble extractor into a great focal point. Extractor systems like Falmec’s new Circle Tech range offer both powerful extraction as well as ambient lighting, housed in a striking design that works as both a kitchen appliance and a stunning light installation. Suspended from the ceiling, Falmec’s Circle Tech range of extractors offer a strong visual aesthetic which can transform the appearance of your kitchen.”

Multi-functional appliances
“Both downdraft extractors and combination systems that comprise both a surface mounted extractor and induction hob zones are now available, as are striking wire hung designs that also make a great light installation and focal point in the kitchen.”

Sanitised air
“In 2018, we predict to see an even bigger increase in the demand for eco-friendly extraction systems as homeowners become even more conscious of their carbon footprint. Falmec’s patented E.ion System recreates the action of atmospheric ions in the kitchen. Atmospheric ions are usually created by natural phenomenon such as lightning, waterfalls and sea waves, but the E.ion System technology applies a bipolar electric field to the air flow to achieve the same result, therefore neutralising pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, spores, smoke etc. All Falmec E.ion models reduce unpleasant odours by up to 95% monitored by a leaf shaped sensor which gradually changes from orange to green.”

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