Utopia    Guest Blog 09 Feb 2018

Find your zen by transforming your bathroom into an oriental spa – here’s how…

Wellness is all the rage for the bathroom, and rightly so – there’s nothing better than stepping into a blissfully beautiful bathroom and sinking into a state of relaxation. Far Eastern cultures take this time for relaxation and reflection very seriously and their traditional zen-focussed designs have inspired design-savvy homeowners across the world to add an oriental spa twist to their bathroom.

We spoke to the style experts at Victoria Plum for a little expert advice on how to create an oriental haven in your home. Here’s what they had to say…

To allow positive energy to flow freely, a light, open plan room is a great starting point. Straight, thin lines, a minimalist approach to accessories, wooden decking and thin wall partitions are all common features of an Oriental Spa style bathroom.




Key elements of the ‘oriental spa’ bathroom:

  • Minimalist style with clean, flowing lines
  • Balance of natural dark and light colours
  • Water feature (in the shape of integrated fish tanks)
  • Centrepiece freestanding bath
  • Indoor plants
  • Contemporary toilet and basin with simple shapes

The perfect products: 

The bath: With an emphasis on relaxation and wellbeing, a freestanding bath is the natural choice for your Oriental Spa bathroom. Look out for a clean, minimalist design, which comes without feet or any overly-ornate accessories.

The shower: If you have the space to spare, a shower enclosure – in addition to the bath – allows you to pick and choose the type of wash you wish to indulge in. Consider a sliding door design that mimics the sliding doors used throughout East Asian interiors.

The basin and toilet: Your bathroom suite should be kept nice and simple, while promoting a clean, minimalist appearance. While a countertop basin brings a fresh, spa-like appeal, whilst a back to wall toilet, with no visible cistern or awkward recesses, is easy to maintain.

The furniture: So as not to hinder the flow of energy throughout the room, you’ll need to be selective with what you keep in your bathroom. A discreet wall cabinet in a neutral colour helps keep your floor space clear while keeping your room clutter-free.

The surfaces: Tiles really are the perfect choice for your walls and floors. After all, you are looking to achieve a smooth, clean style that looks spotless. Equally balanced dark and light shades in a natural finish are ideal, such as a stone or wood effect.




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