kb-network    Guest Blog 23 Jan 2018

Elements Europe give us five eco-friendly building trend tips for a greener bathroom in 2018

With growing concerns for the ecological impact of global warming, pollution and diminishing natural resources, it’s more important than ever to take steps to reduce our environmental impact – which is why many of us are turning to eco-friendly alternatives to make a difference.

When it comes to home design, there are a number of ways you can create an eco-conscious home, starting with the bathroom. From the latest green technology and sustainable building materials to modular construction methods, we’re looking at 5 eco-friendly building trends for bathrooms – helping you to design a greener bathroom without compromising on style.

Opt for sustainable building materials
Whether you’re embarking on a full bathroom renovation or looking for some quick but impactful updates, it’s vital to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to building materials if you’re keen to create a greener space. From incorporating natural, sustainable products like cork and bamboo (which are readily available and easy to replenish) to the latest concrete alternatives (which use waste by-products or natural composites to produce a hard-wearing and durable material), seeking out sustainable materials for your bathroom design will help towards reducing your impact on the environment.

Embrace modular construction
If you have plans to create a new bathroom by extending your home, an eco-friendly option could be to explore the benefits of modular construction. Historically used in commercial developments, modular units are now becoming increasingly common fixtures in domestic builds too, offering a raft of economic and environmental benefits. Made offsite, bathroom pods and other room modules deliver excellent energy efficiency in terms of design and materials used, as well as reducing transportation costs and waste levels – a win-win for you and the environment.

Put durability at the heart of your design
One key element of designing an eco-friendly bathroom is putting durability at the very heart of your design and working to eradicate the waste associated with replacing materials regularly. Stick with a neutral colour scheme that never goes out of fashion, along with materials built to last. From hard-wearing flooring solutions like tiles to investing in a quality bathroom suite that will last decades, having durability at the core of your bathroom design will mean you’ll have a space you can enjoy for years, both practically and aesthetically speaking. As a result, you’ll be minimising waste in the long run, reducing your bathroom’s overall carbon footprint.

Make use of recycled and reclaimed items
With an eye on upping your bathroom’s eco credentials, you may want to look at areas where you can reuse or repurpose existing items. Whether it’s keeping your existing bathroom suite or incorporating recycled wood, metal or glass into the design, making use of reclaimed, recycled or reusable items will dramatically lower the amount of waste created,  thus reducing your bathroom’s impact on the environment.

Go for eco-friendly gadgets
A key aspect of modern eco-friendly building trends is to streamline processes to make everything work more efficiently, which is why you’ll find a plethora of bathroom-related gadgets to help you do exactly that. From energy-saving lighting to water-efficient toilets and smart showers that monitor your water usage, bringing technology into your bathroom space is a great way to create a luxurious and modern feel, while offsetting your carbon footprint in the process.

Whether you go all-out with modular construction or opt for some energy-saving gadgets, it’s clear that going green is here to stay and with sustainable construction growing increasingly popular, it’s now much easier to make bathrooms and the rest of our homes more environmentally friendly.

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