Utopia    Guest Blog 12 Mar 2018

Discover these five ways to enliven your kitchen with a classic Spanish style

Optima Villas Lanzarote are experts in holiday style and know how to craft a kitchen that will remind you of summer all year round. So we’ve spoken to their design-savvy team for some tips on adding exotic Spanish style to your kitchen. Here’s the top five…

Though interior designers continue to cross borders and continents to find their inspiration, you don’t have to go far in Europe to find stunning properties oozing regional character. From the attractive wooden chalets of the Swiss hills to the gothic architecture of Germany, the breadth of styles across the Old World is eye-opening for both regulars and newbies to the continent. But of all of the different preferences and styles you’ll come across, those found on the Iberian Peninsula are among the most enchanting.

Warm colours, mosaics and a stunning blend of modern and traditional features makes Spanish style a key inspiration in interiors across the world – and, in today’s article, we’ll be showing you how to achieve this look in the heart of your home: the kitchen.

  1. Bring sunshine home with yellows and oranges

Image source: Unsplash

As any visitor to Spain will immediately notice, the Spanish locals love their yellows and oranges. Whether it’s a peaceful side-street in bustling Barcelona or a proud villa on the cliffs of Ibiza, there are few colours that shout Iberia as loud as these two – and this means they provide the ideal base palette if you want to project authentic Iberian style at home. From unashamedly vibrant cabinets or walls to subtle pops of colour to complement a more neutral scheme, liven up your kitchen with either of these colours and you’ll have taken a big step towards traditional Spanish kitchen style.

  1. Opt for classic walnut furniture

Because most furniture in Spain was traditionally made with walnut, any homeowner looking to revive an authentic Spanish look should consider using it too – or use paint to recreate this colour when the real thing isn’t obtainable. From your kitchen cupboards and drawers through to any chairs or tables, your Spanish kitchen won’t be complete without at least a single piece of dark furniture. To lighten up the look and prevent it becoming too dark, you could mix your dark furniture with cream or beige accents for a modern two-tone approach.


  1. Tiles, tiles, tiles