Utopia    Guest Blog 25 Sep 2017

Create a cosy farmhouse-style kitchen in your home with these top tips

Heatingoil and interior designer Sarah Slimm have collaborated to develop a simple guide to creating a cosy farmhouse-style kitchen in your home – whether it’s a classic design or a modern update you’re looking for.

Sarah Slimm explains: “Farmhouse kitchens have that instant country comfort feeling that often has me reminiscing about cosy open fires and my nan’s home cooking. For others, it’s the beautiful thick butcher’s block worktops, open beams, neutral shaker doors and, of course, the infamous AGA. All of these features have continued to remain in fashion because of their quality, versatility and all-around cosy home feel. However, it’s not all about twee fabrics, neutral tones and shaker style. Recent trends in kitchens have shown a rise in the collaboration of super modern kitchens with those country style features and accessories. This creates a new take on the farmhouse kitchen that’s fresh, sleek and cool, but with all our favourite classics like stone floors, incorporated features and a beautiful AGA at centre stage.”
Sarah’s top tips for integrating the farmhouse look into your home are:

Make the investment in quality flooring: Modern? Classic? No matter which way you go, you can’t achieve that typical farmhouse style without a beautiful stone floor.
Experiment with coloured cupboard doors: Shaker style doors have taken a leap in the style stakes with the move from plain magnolia to an array of beautiful hues in a palette inspired by a Farrow & Ball colour chart.

Add quality with a thicker worktop: Whether you go for a stone finish or a butcher’s block, you need to choose a thicker worktop. It gives that robust, country, big hug to your cabinets that is synonymous with a cosy kitchen.

Invest in an AGA to complete the look: You can’t avoid the fact that a farmhouse kitchen is impossible in many people’s eyes without an AGA stove. The AGA stove has taken on a cult following in recent years for interior trendsetters who are mixing modern and classic.

Don’t forget the ceiling: The least thought about the area when renovating a space, the ceiling is often a key element that will complete the room. High, open and/or beamed ceilings are a home favourite and a dream for an interior designer, as you can do so much with lighting and colour, going big and bold.
If you are not so lucky to be blessed with endless height, then there are tricks you can pull off that can give the appearance of height. Paint your walls and ceiling the same colour. It’s a simple but effective trick that blurs the lines and divides, tricking the eye.

Angus Blundell, Director of Marketing at Heatingoil said: “There was once a trend for ripping out features in old homes to make the way for dust-free minimalism, but we are glad that people are falling in love again with character features. In fact, buyers were willing to spend over £700 to have an AGA in their home, meaning installing one could be a real selling point for a property. As this guide shows, you can add a touch of farmhouse charm to any home, no matter its age or location.”

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