kb-network    Guest Blog 27 Jul 2017

Chris Beattie’s Five key tips to help you achieve the perfect commercial washroom

Recent research shows the true business value of welcoming work environments and clean washrooms. A Harris poll survey found that 86% of people are more likely to return to an establishment with clean and pleasant washroom facilities.

Below, Chris Beattie, Marketing and Sales Director at Dolphin Solutions, gives his top tips on what to think about when designing a commercial washroom.

1. Include sustainable credentials

All washrooms must comply with modern green credentials and should be at the forefront of any design criteria, this gives organisations a well-earned reputation for being ethical and responsible, but will also provide great cost savings. Selecting stylish, yet sustainable fixtures that suit your needs and the user’s requirements will greatly enhance washroom appeal making it both ergonomic and tick the sustainability box.

Our Alavo system delivers water savings of up to 65% just through using infrared taps. Additionally, our paper system dispensers reduce paper waste by up to 30% and our Velocity hand dryers use up to 70% less energy than ordinary hand dryers. 

2. Utilise technology

Infrared taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers and flush valves are becoming more popular than ever, as they are an efficient way to help improve and maintain hygiene levels.  Users don’t touch the facilities with dirty hands so it helps with stopping the spread of bacteria. Instead, hands are placed in front of the device meaning bacteria are not passed between users. Infrared taps also stop users from wiping soapy hands over facilities. This can mark units and fixtures, making extra work for the caretaker.

The use of high-speed hand dryers is also worth considering.  Users will not only gain the advantage of increased hygiene but their time in the facility will be minimised, allowing for higher footfall and reducing queue times therefore offering your visitors a better experience. Our Velocity range consists of 21, high speed, high-performance hand dryers and is a great consideration for a busy public washroom. 

3. Create streamlined paths

It is beneficial to design washrooms in a way that promotes the seamless movement of users. Designers must take into account the location of toilet stalls from the entrance and allow room for queuing. Narrow spaces, such as corridors should be avoided as this can disrupt the user’s exit pathway.

A clever utilisation of space is the use of a modular system. This washroom solution combines taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers behind a mirror, which creates a streamlined look and feel for the washroom. Dolphin Solutions Alavo range is available in a choice of up to eight hand wash stations, and gives design flexibility where excellent, outstanding or platinum ratings are being sought. An integrated system also saves on valuable space around the washroom, allowing more space for the flow of users. 

4. Use high-quality facilities

When designing a washroom for a commercial environment, facilities not only have to be long lasting and durable but also have to be able to resist misuse and vandalism to maintain a quality condition and high-end perception of the environment.  If facilities are not well maintained and hard wearing, standards deteriorate and before long washrooms look shabby and unappealing.

All of our Excel range dispensers are vandal resistant while looking stylish and offering great value for money. Dolphin dispensers are manufactured on site, giving us the capacity to customise products with logos and branding, enabling a more streamlined feel to your washroom and building. 

5. Enhance cleanliness

The cleanliness of your office space and communal washroom reflects your company as a whole. It is crucial to make a good impression when clients or employees visit your workspace for the first time. Creating a washroom that is easier to maintain for cleaning operatives and for users to operate will help to create that all important, lasting, good impression.

Bins should be positioned close to any dispenser to encourage waste disposal. We recommended that a bin ring or chute be installed, as this is the neatest way of disposing hand towels.

It is also a good idea to install a double toilet tissue dispenser or a system that holds multiple rolls in commercial washrooms.  This ensures there is always enough toilet tissue and the cleaning operative is not constantly replacing empty dispensers.

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