kb-network    Guest Blog 19 May 2017

Chris Beattie, marketing manager from Dolphin Solutions, talks about designing the perfect washroom

Chris Beattie, marketing and sales director at Dolphin Solutions, discusses public washroom best practice and gives his top tips on how to create the perfect, high footfall washroom experience.

Washrooms are an increasingly important aspect of workplaces, schools and public buildings. The design of these locations can not only improve washroom hygiene but also the overall experience for the user. Research from a Hygiene Matters survey states that 39% even believe better washroom hygiene and design can improve job satisfaction.



In a busy washroom with high footfall, it is beneficial to create streamlined paths, making use of the facilities easy to access and efficient. Designers should avoid creating narrow spaces such as corridors as this can cause queuing and disrupt the user’s exit pathway. Corridors should also be wide enough for maintenance staff to enter and exit the washroom at all times.

An ideal washroom would have basins 600-900mm apart with taps mounted to the splashback to avoid creating small corners and spaces, which are difficult to clean.

A clever utilisation of space is the use of a modular system. This washroom solution combines taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers behind a mirror. Dolphin Solutions’ Alavo range is available in a choice of up to eight hand wash stations, which gives design flexibility. The Alavo range provides an ideal solution that addresses common washroom issues such as water mess, queuing to dry hands and general clutter.



Incorporating technology into a washroom can help improve hygiene levels and aid the efficient flow of users. Infrared taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers and flush valves improve hygiene levels, as users don’t touch the facilities with dirty hands, preventing cross-contamination.

High-speed hand dryers are also worth installing, users gain the advantage of increased hygiene but their time spent in the washroom will be minimised, allowing for higher footfall. Dolphin’s range of Velocity hand dryers consists of 21, high speed, high performance hand dryers, which are a great consideration for busy, public washrooms.



All modern and high footfall washrooms should include green credentials. Our Alavo system delivers water savings of up to 65% just through the use of infrared taps. Additionally, our Velocity hand dryers use up to 70% less energy than ordinary dryers.

Selecting sustainable, yet stylish fixtures that suit your needs and users requirements will greatly enhance your washroom appeal, making it both ergonomic and tick the sustainability box.

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