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Choose the perfect blinds for your bathroom with a little help from LondonBlinds4U

When you’re looking for new bathroom blinds or shutters, there are unique considerations to be made that don’t usually apply to the other rooms of the house.
As one of the main water sources in the house, the bathroom carries a lot of condensation that can make wooden shutters collect damp and material blinds become mouldy. This is not ideal when you want to make a choice of shutters or blinds that will last for your home and remain looking stylish.
Luckily there are many blind and shutters styles that are suited to the bathroom. Read our bathroom blinds and shutters guide to find out which styles are best for this room.

Waterproof Blinds

The central concern to choosing blinds for a bathroom: are they waterproof? Will they withstand stray splashes of water or gathering steam from a hot shower? No matter how beautiful the blinds, if they succumb to moisture then it’s game over for your bathroom window covers.

Thankfully there are waterproof blinds available in many styles, from vertical blinds to roller blinds. Make sure the material is waterproof and you will have blinds that will last in any bathroom. Waterproof blinds include PVC blinds (entirely waterproof – can go right next to the shower), polyester blinds (water-resistant), and aluminium Venetian blinds, which won’t rust.

Faux Wood Shutters

Want to have a beautiful wooden look for your bathroom windows without the hassle of wooden shutters becoming damp and damaged in moisture-rich spaces? Faux wood shutters are the answer! These wood-style shutters, made from strong PVC, won’t warp or peel from moisture, making them ideal bathroom shutters. Their lasting nature also make faux wood shutters a more environmentally friendly choice.

Statement Blinds

The range of bathroom blinds on offer prove that you don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake of practicality; many colours and patterns are available, so you can add a splash of vibrancy to your bathroom or make a statement with a stylish pattern.

PVC roller blinds are a particularly good choice if you are looking to marry water-resistance with style; the sheer number of colours and patterns available for roller blinds is truly immense. Waterproof roller blinds can also provide privacy for your bathroom space, as well as providing a neat finish.

Venetian blinds also come in a variety of colours and finishes to add a stylish element to your bathroom – why not choose bright Venetian blinds for a dash of colour or a stylish metallic finish?

Whether wooden, fabric or PVC, be sure that the blinds you pick are just as pretty as they are practical!

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