Utopia    Guest Blog 23 Jun 2017

Chloe Thacker tells us her top tips on creating the perfect kitchen for foodies


For those almost Michelin star chefs, who love cooking, baking, experimenting and occasionally getting a little bit Heston Blumenthal, it’s important that your kitchen can cater for your indulgent cooking sessions. We’ve spoken to Häfele’s Chloe Thacker for her top tips on creating the perfect foodie-lover’s kitchen. Here are the elements the experts suggest:

Vauth-Sagel Artline VSA Swing-Out Larder Units

A good foodie needs a great larder. Kitchen larders have made a real comeback and this swing-out larder unit gives you much more access than the traditional cupboard style. It’s the kind of design that really helps you maximise your kitchen space from floor to ceiling.

Hailo Pantry Box Storage

Kitchen creativity requires kitchen space. This clever solution gives you a new, sleek and stylish way of storing your fruit and vegetables for longer – a really fresh idea for your fresh produce.

Vegetable Baskets

As any foodie knows, great food starts with great produce and these beautifully designed baskets give you another storage option for fresh vegetables. The baskets not only look great, they help you to define specific areas for specific items and offer quick and easy access to your choice produce.

Loox 12V LED 2027 Downlights

These sophisticated downlights give lighting flair without the glare. Perfect for delivering muted light in glassware cabinets, storage spaces or even pull-out drawers they bring a real sense of intrigue and drama to your kitchen theatre.

Instant Hot Water Tap

A time-saver, a space-saver and just a useful addition to any foodie kitchen, this 3-in-1 hot tap is capable of delivering cold, warm or 97° water at any time through one stylish tap setting.


These are just some of the solutions that today’s foodies can implement in order to create a kitchen with flow, finesse and functionality. Our Ideas For Living hub offers more advice and inspiration to help you take your kitchen to the next level. To all the foodies out there – we salute you!

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