Utopia    Guest Blog 13 Mar 2018

From cavernous to glamourous – five tips to brighten your windowless bathroom

We all would prefer a bathroom with ample natural light, yet a large amount of city-based apartments have enclosed bathrooms with no windows. However, there’s no reason to compromise on the feel-good factor. On the contrary, it’s possible to create a pleasant atmosphere in a windowless bathroom with these clever tricks, from Kaldewei…














  1. Open up the room with a floor-level shower surface

In order to create a comfortable bathroom atmosphere, it’s important to create the illusion of space and to open up the room. Installation of a floor-level shower surface successfully achieves this. Thanks to its flat design, it can be integrated seamlessly into the floor. This fusion of floor and shower surface makes the room appear far larger.

  1. Use light-coloured bathroom solutions and indirect light sources