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Keep your kitchen cosy this Christmas with these top tips from Britannia Living

With the Christmas decoration’s ready to go up, and morning frost already on the windowsill, it’s safe to say winter is here!

But fear not, Britannia Living have given us their top tips on how to get your kitchen ready for winter…

Britannia Living
You’ll be spending more time inside over the winter months, so transform the kitchen into the heart of your home by making it look cosy and welcoming. It’s never too early to start thinking about some festive decor, a little burgundy colour here, some fresh holly there, and your kitchen will soon be looking ready for Christmas.

If you’re looking for a design update that will also have a practical use, invest in a rug in a dark colour or a bold print. It will spare your feet from the cold floor as you make your morning coffee and enhance the homely look of the room. Kitchens see plenty of traffic throughout the day so the best choice for a rug will be one that can endure plenty of spills, stains and the occasional muddy paw print. As rugs and wooden flooring can make for a dangerous combination, make sure you buy a non-slip rug or secure it with some rug grips.

 Traditional Colours
Burgundy, rich reds, and warm brown tones combined with a neutral palette make the perfect pairing to give a feeling of warmth and comfort to your kitchen. Wood and copper accessories will complement warm colour schemes but if you’re looking for an update on the copper look, choose brassy finishes to stay on-trend.

Modern Alternatives
Looking for a colour scheme that breaks away from the usual winter trends? Teal will give your kitchen a fashionable Scandinavian look, and when combined with white finishes and pale woods it will give your kitchen a fresh and inviting look which will endure the changing seasons. To avoid your kitchen looking cold and stark, opt for a teal with a grey undertone and balance it out with plenty of glossy or metallic accessories.

Statement Lighting
To brighten up the room during the gloomier days, you’ll probably be switching out your current lighting fixtures for some brighter bulbs so why not swap out your current light shade to a statement piece while you’re at it? Think geometrical shapes and glossy finishes as we move away from the pared back look of exposed lightbulbs.

Britannia Living | britannialiving.co.uk