Utopia    Guest Blog 30 Aug 2017

From Britain to Scandinavia, myrangecooker.co.uk gives us some continental clarity on range cooker design


Range cookers are currently the ‘it-thing’ of the kitchen. A range cooker sets the trend and the style of the whole room – and what a room to be a trendsetter in – since we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. Today, there is a great variety of styles and colours to choose from. Furthermore, it’s important to choose a good quality range cooker, one which boasts all the functions needed to match your culinary demands.

Size matters… Are you renovating the kitchen and open to a different size than your previous cooker? Or, are you just looking for a cooker to suit the gap in the kitchen were the old cooker used to sit? Either way, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of ambitions you have in the kitchen and what type of features that matter to you. Would you like to be able to cook several things at the same time, or is one large oven more suitable for you? And if you have a little more room left? Go for a bigger cooker, range cooker wise – size really does matter!

Rule Britannia

The British range cooker design is distinguished by its soft shapes and classic colours – often darker colours or details. A recognisable feature of these cookers is the lack of windows, meaning, practically, there is less opportunity to see the food cooked in the ovens without opening the door, but equally this crafts a beautiful and cohesive aesthetic. A British cooker works best when it can take pride of place in a kitchen scheme; consider pairing a traditional British model with neutral surroundings and simple cabinetry to make it really stand out.

A French affair

The French style is recognizable by its clean lines, chrome details and star formed handles. These models look great in every colour, from a classic red to icy blue, with a French cooker in your kitchen – no matter the colour – it will stand out. Clear doors with no glass sections give the colour a uniformed appearance, hence the choice of colour is an important component to get right, as it will hugely effect the aesthetic balance in your kitchen.

Italian luxury

The Italian cooker style is all about the details, colours and material. Recognizable by chrome or brass details these cookers gives the whole kitchen a more elegant and luxurious appearance, something that the glass sections in the doors also contribute to.

Scandinavian modernity

Distinguished by clear colours, minimal, sleek and stylish details – the Scandinavian design is perfect for that modern and stylish kitchen look. A chrome cooker with matching chrome details will perfectly suit an industrial scheme.

More than just an appliance

When choosing a cooker to remember that it’s not only an appliance it’s a possibility to make your kitchen extraordinary both regarding functionality but also design wise. As mentioned in the beginning a range cooker sets the trend for the kitchen – therefore, no matter what style you’re looking for your kitchen to radiate: British, French, Italian, Scandinavian, colourful or plain, either way, your range cooker is a perfect piece to start with.

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