Utopia    Guest Blog 20 Apr 2017

Behind the scenes: we speak to Ripples about the secrets behind creating beautiful bathrooms


In celebration of the company’s newly released style guide, we’ve teamed up with bathroom brand, Ripples, to get the top tips and style secrets on how to create a beautiful bathroom like this (featured) in your own home.

Designer Richard Fox, the name behind this award-winning ensuite, says the secret to its success is creating the perfect blend of soothing sanctuary and sociable, practical area. Dual basins, a freestanding bath and open-plan shower area provide all the practical amenities, while natural materials and warm golden caramel hues are visually akin to a spa, promoting a relaxing atmosphere. The space also flows beautifully from the bedroom to the bathroom area thanks to wood-effect porcelain floor tiles that run throughout.


Here are Richard Fox’s top tips on how to create this spa-serene scheme within your own home:


TIP 1:

To create a continuous flow from your master bedroom into your ensuite, look to introduce wood-effect porcelain tiles into the design, these tiles are hard-wearing and super practical. The continuity opens the space up and will make it feel more spacious.

TIP 2:

To create visual intrigue in any bathroom it’s important to introduce a variety of textures. Similarly to this bathroom, which uses cream quartzite stone and iridescent textured stones were used around the basin.

TIP 3:

If space allows then opt for a freestanding bath. I had introduced multiple textures in this bathroom, to really create a contrast with the simplicity of this seamless, glossy bath.

TIP 4:

Personalisation is key in any bathroom. The double basins ensure that the homeowners have their own personal space to occupy, while colour changing mood lighting under the basins and around the floating bench can control the mood and ambience. It’s important that you aren’t looking for switches in the middle of the night; these lights are on a motion sensor so come on as soon as the homeowners enter the room!


Make the most of your space in the shower by ensuring you design in a recess. In this bathroom I designed a recess for the homeowners to store bottles and introduced soft relaxing lighting to create the perfect showering environment.

Ripples | ripplesbathrooms.com/style-guide