Utopia    Guest Blog 22 May 2017

Beatrix Matyas of Britannia Living talks about the most beautiful timeless kitchen trends


Trends will come and go, but unlike the latest fashion item, buying a new kitchen each season is not something most people can afford. So how can you keep your kitchen from looking outdated?

The key is to invest in kitchen design trends that will stand the test of time and look stylish – regardless of their age.

Marble countertops

The marble countertop has been a kitchen design staple for decades, thanks to the luxurious and stylish look it creates. Mixed with neutral tones, marble is an unwaveringly popular home decoration staple, meaning that marble countertops will always be fashion.

However, you should still consider the type of marble you choose. A classic black or white is an enduring choice, whereas certain colours evoke specific trends or time periods. For example, Rojo Alicante marble was widely used in the 90s and is clearly identifiable as belonging to that decade.

The lighter Calacatta marble, on the other hand, looks classic yet contemporary. Although marble is more expensive than other countertop materials, it is one that will withstand wear and tear for years to come, saving you money in the long run on redecorating.


Integrated appliances

Minimal and sleek, integrated appliances bring a modern look to any kitchen. Although the appliances themselves will age, the overall look they provide will keep your kitchen looking modern. Whilst stand-alone range cookers are also a popular choice when it comes to kitchen designs, integrated appliances blend in with the overall look of any kitchen without compromising on style.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel has slowly but surely made its way over from industrial kitchens to the consumer market. Not only is stainless steel easy to clean and maintain, but the overall simplicity of the industrial aesthetic keeps it looking contemporary – allowing you to update your kitchen with on-trend accessories if you want to change with the times.

By having a minimal starting point, you only need to refresh the look of your kitchen, rather than redesigning the whole room every few years.


Farmhouse sinks

A vintage feature piece doesn’t necessarily mean dated. If anything, the pairing of classic features with modern elements can give your kitchen an overall timeless look. Choosing a white farmhouse sink will transform your kitchen to an elegant look with a nod to the past.


Copper pots

Any kitchen design element needs to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, and copper cookware meets both of those requirements. These opulent-looking pots give off an air of sophistication and class due to their ties to French cuisine.

Suspend them above your kitchen’s island counter as a statement piece and for easy access when cooking. Investing in a good set will keep them looking great in the long run, and will also provide you with genuinely great cookware.


Retro-styled appliances

Retro-look appliances have featured in kitchen design trends for decades, suggesting that they’re not going out of fashion anytime soon. Their distinctly vintage style and status as “classics” mean that retro appliances will be unlikely to look any older in a couple of years than they do now.

Certain modern fridges and free-standing cookers are designed with vintage looks, allowing you all the benefits of modern technology paired with a time-tested aesthetic.


Metro tiles

Neutral colours and a high gloss finish sees metro tiles offer a quirky alternative to the more traditional square kitchen tiles. They come in a wide range of colours, and can easily be incorporated as splashback tiles, or an overall wall feature throughout the room.

Their clean and un-patterned look has made them a firm favourite in kitchen design, and they will surely remain popular for years to come.


Clean and simple finishes

The overall theme when it comes to timeless kitchen trends is their simplicity. Although vibrant colours and modern patterns can really bring a kitchen to life in the here and now, they don’t tend to age very well. The lime-coloured fridge that is the feature of a stylish kitchen right now could easily be the thing that makes it look dated in a few years.

Instead, choose more muted colour schemes of neutrals, light blues, and greys, with appliances in complementary blacks or whites.


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