Utopia    Guest Blog 01 Sep 2015

Back to Black: Designer Richard Fox of Ripples on the benefits of the black bathroom design


An interview with Richard Fox, designer at Ripples (Solihull), on the developing trend for black in the bathroom…


Why is black on trend for the bathroom?

Richard: “The colour black reminds us of the Art Deco era and it hasn’t really disappeared since then. It’s a bold colour that can be easily accessorised. You can easily team black with bright colours or if you prefer muted colours, such as grey then that’s possible too. The colour is being used to transform bathrooms that might previously have lacked a little bit of life!”


How do you work ‘black bathrooms’ into the home?

Richard: “There are many ways to bring in black to the bathroom but you do have to be careful on where and how you use it. I would say the safest way to bring it into the bathroom without you worrying about it going out of date would be to have it in stone. Using black marble as a worktop or bath surround would give the room a sophisticated feeling. “

What is better – full-on black or black accents?

Richard: “A good way of breaking up and varying this look is to bring in texture. We are seeing some beautiful new tiles; some have a textured finish or pattern that will stop the room feeling flat. Reflection of light off of a black surface will give the bathroom a dynamic sense of movement. If there is a lack of natural light for the room then some carefully planned spotlights will still create a striking effect.“


Is there anything to avoid?

Richard: “I would avoid glossy black tiles or glass in high usage areas as water and soap marks would be more visible on these surfaces. I would say that this pretty much rules out any rooms that the young ones would be using. If you are thinking about adding the colour black to a smaller room then I would try to bring in accents of other colours as the dark colour would make the room feel even smaller. Black and white complement each other so well so in smaller rooms it is a great way of lifting the space.”