Designer    Guest Blog 24 Nov 2017

Going back to black: move over polished chrome, there’s a new finish on the block

We spoke to Richard Nicholls, UK and European Sales and Marketing Director of Sanipex Group to discuss the new popularity of black finishes in the bathroom market. Here’s what he had to say…

If you’re involved in any way in the bathroom industry, whether designing them or specifying products for them, chances are you will have seen matt black making an appearance during the course of 2017.

When Sanipex launched its M-Line brassware range in six finishes at the trade shows last year, Matt Black was a clear favourite among designers and retailers. The signs were positive from the outset that this would be a popular finish, but little did we know that we would reach the end of 2017 heralding it as the new chrome.

A sophisticated and modern option, matt black owes much of its rising popularity to the fact that designers are keen to play with the juxtaposition of materials, colours and patterns in the bathroom and this finish plays right into the hands of this movement. It is a finish that offers a striking contrast against natural tiles and lighter hues in the bathroom, making it a versatile choice but still a quite strikingly different option to Chrome.

The ability to offer something a little different from the norm is key here, particularly for the contract market where designers working on prestigious hotel projects and developers building houses are looking for products that break from the norm, yet still appeal to the majority. While Chrome can never be discounted, brassware in ‘alternative’ finishes answers this call and we are confident that it is something we will see increasing amounts of as we go into 2018 and beyond. Our latest brassware finish, Zanzibar, is testament to this confidence and really got people talking at this year’s Sleep Event, just as Matt Black did 12 months previously. A subtle Brushed Gold finish, Zanzibar is the perfect complement to some of the most on-trend materials in bathroom design, including stone and marble.

This is really just a starting point for a greater variety of finishes being seen in bathroom design. There is a heavy focus on mixing materials in the bathroom and the trend for brassware in different finishes plays well with this theme, with materials such as wood and stone combining brilliantly with some of the finishes we are seeing coming through.

While 2017 was certainly the year that bathroom brassware turned Matt Black, 2018 may well be going for Bronze, if not Gold.

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