Utopia    Guest Blog 12 Jan 2017

4 Freestanding Pantries that are sure to completely transform your kitchen design


1) Churchwood Pantry Cupboard, from £3,000.

With Churchwood, no singular piece of furniture is the same. Offering a truly bespoke service, this pantry will be designed to fit in line with your individual home specifications.

Churchwood pride themselves on their high-quality furniture as well as their ability to combine traditional carpentry techniques with beautiful natural timbers and hand-painted finishes.














2) John Lewis of Hungerford Small Larder Cupboard, £2,080.

For a splash of colour in your kitchen, the John Lewis larder cupboard certainly delivers. Pictured here in a vivid royal blue colour, this pantry would fit in perfectly with a multitude of kitchen designs; our personal favourite is a chic industrial look!


john lewis of hungeford




3) DeVOL Shaker Pantry Cupboard, £2,780.

If subtle is more your style then DeVOL have the pantry for you. Pictured in a subtle grey shade, this freestanding pantry comes complete with adjustable shelves for fully flexible shelving.

The more muted colour palette of this pantry would be fantastic in a more minimalist scheme.







4) Noa + Nani Canterbury Dresser Cabinet, from £270.

For those looking for a low budget alternative then Noa + Nani have that covered. At just £270, the Canterbury dresser cabinet provides a classic look whilst maintaining plenty of practical shelving and drawer space.


noa + nani