Designer    Focus 25 Aug 2017

Trend spot – Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s i-Line collection exemplifies UK homeowners’ latest sought-after style

Freestanding baths have been popular for – quite literally – centuries; their sophisticated style instantly evokes a luxury feel and has long won the hearts of homeowners worldwide. However, this time-old trend has recently evolved to provide a simple yet practical new solution for those desiring a freestanding look on a smaller scale. The back-to-wall bath, on approach, boasts an elegant freestanding aesthetic, however, its squared-off edge sits neatly against a bathroom wall – in essence, taking up slightly less room than a traditional freestanding model. Additionally, the back-to-wall formation simultaneously creates a small countertop that is useful for storing toiletries, display items or providing space for a deck-mounted bath mixer.

Experts in crafting beautiful baths, Waters Baths of Ashbourne features an array of back-to-wall models in its i-Line collection; from the clean, contemporary River and Loche vessels, to the uber-sleek Strait, and the curvaceous Cove, meaning there is something to suit every bathroom suite. The contemporary petite baths can make the best of small spaces with Water Baths of Ashbourne’s models starting at just 1600mm long with a slim 20mm edge. Each model is crafted from a solid piece of glossy Lucite acrylic, a hardwearing chemical, UV and abrasion resistant material.

Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s Director Anthony Smith said: “Combining beauty with incredible functionality, the back-to-wall baths in our i-Line range make a stylish and practical addition to every bathroom and are designed for those looking for a luxurious bathing experience.”

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