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Theresa Turner, Director of ArtiCAD, explains how CAD systems can help designers meet requirements

“A powerful, KBB-specific CAD system is absolutely the most important aspect of any organisation’s sales process. No matter how skilled the sales staff are or how gorgeous the products may be, unless the consumer is able to see a realistic portrayal of their

new kitchen or bathroom, they will be less confident in making the decision to go ahead. The power of stunning, high definition images presented specifically for the consumer’s own room cannot be underestimated.

We have continued to develop our CAD and presentation Apps, and also offer a CGI image service to our customers to ensure that presentations developed in ArtiCAD-Pro can be delivered wherever and whenever the customer wants them –whether this is in a showroom, on a tablet, via email or web. The quality of the design presentation must be exactly the same, no matter how the consumer chooses to view it.

For an increasing number of organisations— particularly the larger ones— their CAD software is the heart of the operation. Working with our subsidiary Smart Systems, we are implementing solutions which integrate our design software with sophisticated BI, CRM, pricing and quotation systems – where the CAD system is the main driver for all other operations across the enterprise.

When it comes to visuals, consumer expectations are high and getting even higher!  We are all surrounded by stunning images every day of our lifes – on the television, advertising billboards, films, computer games, to name just a few. Consciously or subconsciously, consumers’ expectations about the power of technology to deliver realistic images are continually in influenced by what they see all around them. Interactive visual presentations are also increasingly in influential in our sector and this is where our VR and AR Apps make a huge impact. Our role as CAD software specialists is to meet and whenever possible exceed  these expectations.

Looking ahead, we are committed to researching new technologies as they become available and identifying those which we believe will be important and useful to our customers. Many developments, whilst appearing interesting, can prove to be too costly or too impractical for those working In the KBB sector. Our role is to edit the possibilities and deliver tailored new technology-based solutions which will help our customers sell more, and to sell more easily.

Augmented Reality is such a technology and both our existing and concept AR Apps are proving increasingly popular. Compared with the hype about virtual reality over the years, AR really does deliver stunning, interactive presentations for K B designers without significant investment in time or money.”

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