kb-network    Focus 02 Mar 2017

Surface specialist Maxtop release a list of top tips for tradespeople this winter…

For most tradespeople, a heated office is a distant luxury…a myth even. Working outside in all weather can be incredibly challenging, but luckily Maxtop have created a list of top tips to stay safe this winter!

1) Insurance

With the potential for ice, wet weather, and generally challenging working conditions, it’s important to ensure you are fully covered with the correct tradesperson insurance.

Public liability insurance is important as it can cover you if you have an accident and damage a customer’s property. Your tools are essential to your work, so be sure to insure them to cover the cost of repairing or replacing tools if they are lost, stolen or damaged. In addition, there is also employer’s liability insurance, buildings insurance and personal accident cover, which may be policies worth considering.

While all this may seem rather daunting, taking the time to get these policies in place is one of the best investments you can make.


2) Workwear

This may seem rather obvious, but the trick to working in harsh conditions is layering. Thermal under-layers are a life saver when you’ve dragged yourself out of bed at 5am on a frosty winter morning. If you’re working outside then waterproofs are essential, as well as anti-slip gloves.

3) Changing your working hours

When estimating timelines for jobs it’s essential to factor in the shorter daylight hours. As the evenings are longer in the winter, it might be worth starting your day earlier. If you’re set to work both outside and inside then try to divide your work so you complete your indoor work when the evenings draw in.

4) Prep your vehicle for cold weather

Poor weather and sharp drops in temperature mean vehicles are much more likely to break down in the winter, making for a disastrous working day. A few simple steps will save you a great deal of hassle later on, these include getting your vehicle serviced, checking your battery, engine coolant and oil levels, topping up your anti-freeze and checking your tyre tread depth and pressure.


Maxtop Worktops / maxtopquartz.co.uk