Utopia    Focus 23 Jan 2018

Style-savvy millennials are making an impact on interior design with this new edgy, eclectic trend


It seems no matter what you’re reading, ‘millennial’ is the buzz word of the minute. Though often collectively demonised for their tech-obsession or pitied for their inevitable financial debt, millennials are definitely having a positive impact on the interior design industry.

An article in The Independent suggests the technologically-adept generation Y still yearn for a rustic, natural look within their homes. Born from this, the new-found ‘rustic-tech’ style balances reclaimed wood or natural stone features, with techy modern twists, such as LED lights within the bathroom to change the ambience.

This beautifully balanced trend, of infusing past and present, is focused on by Julia Walter, Showroom Manager at Boffi Georgetown. Quoting Walter from The Independent, she says; ‘“It’s definitely a trend to combine reclaimed wood with a contemporary steel frame. It’s an interesting play between old and new. People like contemporary lines, but they want the warmth of bringing in an older element into their home, especially the kitchen where people have an emotional connection with their childhood kitchen.”

Combining nostalgia-inspired rustic interiors with high-end technology is becoming incredibly popular. CES 2018 saw the launch of Moen’s ‘U’ digital shower, and similar products, which allow you to control your home via Alexa and Siri. Quoted in The Independent, Susan Matus, Director of Project Development at Case Design/Remodeling in Bethesda, Maryland said: “Technology can be used to simplify the way your home functions and looks… even the new door locks that can be operated remotely from your phone are starting to look more beautiful instead of like a big clunky keypad. Things like Sonos wireless speakers can be used to keep your rooms clear of clutter, and they’re portable for entertaining outside.”

A final trend seeming to stand out for the millennial generation is a focus on sustainable living. Michael Merschat, Design Studio Manager and Architect with Wentworth Inc. in Chevy Chase, Maryland, quoted from The Independent: “Millennials consider sustainability in every sense of the word.” Environmentally friendly counters such as Ceaserstone or quartz, and modern kitchen technology, such as Quva’s vacuum system which helps keep food fresh for longer, help everyday living to be eco-friendly.


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