Designer    Focus 07 Mar 2017

The stunning swimming pool project set to light up the Bavarian city of Bad Staffelstein…

The properties of concrete were tested to the max for this innovative swimming pool project…

The Obermaintherme saltwater spring swimming pool in the Bavarian city of Bad Staffelstein, Germany, feaatures fresh water sourced from a deep drilled spring. But a new attraction added during its recent refurbishment was a huge cave-like structure in the shape of salt crystal.

Replacing a more conventional natural stone structure covered with artificial palms, the cave has been made with LUCEM translucent concrete, allowing the shell to be illuminated in various colours to create a striking effect tandem with underwater lighting and an integrated sound system.

More than two million fibre optics have been built into the cave, which was designed by Krieger Architekten Ingenieure. It requried 200 sq m of light-transmitting concrete built with a double wall construction to accomodate the LED technology.

Given the very high salt content in the water at the pool – 3.5%, making it comparable with sea water – the steel frame and concrete shell of the cave had to be treated with the highest levels of corrosion protection, similar to that used on open sea oil drilling platforms.



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