Utopia    Focus 11 Apr 2018

See the style secrets behind blogger Alyssa’s stunning pastel pink and gold bathroom


After inefficient builders left her bathroom is a state of ruin, pastel aficionado Alyssa (the mind behind randomactsofpastel.com) was fortunate enough to find a reliable team to fully realise her creative pink and gold vision. See the simply stunning result, below…

Key style aspects: We love how the decorative hexagonal marble-style tiles, from Ciot, combined with the paler variety of pastel pink paint – aptly named ‘Barely Blush’ – creates a pastel scheme that has moved away from the garish retro designs of yesteryear and presents a more modern, elegantly understated aesthetic. But, though subtle, this bathroom is far from subdued – the gold-finished fixtures dazzle the eye; from the vintage-look Delta faucets, towel rack, shower head, and loo roll holder, to the rose-gold chain links holding the shower curtain. These glimmers of gold are apparent in Alyssa’s additional adornments, also – an elegant gold bath rack and bold gold planter atop a Canadian Tire vanity both accentuate the aesthetic.

Top tip from Alyssa: “Pastel lightens up a space that can feel dark and small. I love mixing light colours with gold hardware and delicate finishes to give this often overlooked room a serene and airy feel. Colourful wallpaper is definitely recommended if it’s in the budget!”


To find out more about Alyssa’s design journey, head over to her blog: randomactsofpastel.com

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